Are Political Parties working as well as they used too?

When we have debates at our school, everyone buzzes about it. It’s an amusing way to argue, but not when people hurtfully calumniate each other about opinions. I admit I do bash it too, but we need to stop. In social studies, we had a debate, and all I could hear was “beat those democrats and libitards.”They were acting like people with those beliefs are completely inferior compared to them, but people’s opinions don’t shape their self-worth.

Political parties are undoubtedly not functioning as they used to. They have us to the point where most of us wouldn’t vote for anyone in the other party, but whichever candidate you think would be the best, vote for even if it is the other party.  

Another thing parties do, is ruthlessly argue. Democrats and Republicans altercate so much, I would be bewildered if we made any helpful impact. I’ve actually heard most people say the want to be an independent.  Jennifer Cummings(independent) said, “It’s mostly a label. If you say you’re a Democrat, that must mean you are a left-wing liberal with no personal responsibility. If you say you are a Republican, you must be a right-wing millionaire who doesn’t care about others.”People agree with her. A PEW study in 2009 showed the surprising proportion of independents has now equals its shocking highest in 70 years. This means more people are backing out. People do think America was wrong to have created parties, “The idea of two ideologically consistent, European-style parties that offer voters clear-cut choices may sound logical. But our federal government has always worked best when our major parties were instead messy.” According to the New York TImes. So what can we do to solve this problem?

There are many solutions to this problem, but we can’t just get rid of parties. We need people consider it first. I haven’t seen anyone talk about this issue. If we talked about the way our government works as much as we talk  about Trump’s wall we would have multiple solutions by now. I propose we actually think about it. Get the people who have power to notice. People love to argue other parties, but maybe they would notice that they can argue a person, with feelings and great ideas, instead of a party. So talk about it with people. The best way for people to notice is to make them notice. James Madison thought parties were unnecessary. Washington warned us against it. Hamilton thought it was a horrible idea. These people, who created our country, thought it was a bad idea, what does that tell you?

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