Banning Plastic Shopping Bags Is The Way To Go

I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and I saw something that undeniably caught my attention. Someone put a post on their story about the stories of plastic bags and sea turtles. I watched the video, and it was about how terrible plastic bags are for our world and how much it’s ruining our oceans. I watched the rest of their videos on this account, all talking about global warming, pollution, plastic, and things that our society isn’t concerned enough about.

Our Earth is dying extremely fast for anyone to not do anything about it. Up to 10 million plastic bags are used every minute around the world. These plastic bags are a major part of waste in landfills, and it takes anywhere from 500-1000 years for a single plastic bag to break up into toxic microscopic chemicals, such as petroleum.

Plastic shopping bags are also genuinely bad for our oceans and our land. Around two thirds of the world’s fish stock are suffering from plastic indigestion, 1 million seabirds die from plastic, and 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are in the ocean. Plastic shopping bags do absolutely nothing for us except make it a little easier to carry more groceries at a time, and ruin our oceans and landfills.

Banning these bags are the definite way to go, it has only been a matter of time and we don’t have much of that left until the ground is engulfed in litter and plastic and the ocean becomes highly toxic. Our ocean is dying and so is the marine life inside of it.

The only way to stop this and protect our environment against plastic is to create a ban. Westport, Connecticut, already created a plastic shopping bag ban in 2012. The purpose for the ban was to improve the environment and encourage the use of reusable checkout bags. A number of towns all around Connecticut and the country have done this to help, but it’s still not enough for the world. Plastic bags are a major issue in this world and people are refusing to help and realize that our world is becoming littered and toxic.

An easy way to help minimize this overuse is to simply only use reusable bags that aren’t made out of plastic. Plastic is made from a non-renewable source; petroleum. We can’t get any more once we run out, which means no more plastic at all, even when it will become a necessity for minor things. Right now plastic shopping bags aren’t a necessity and have never been. It’s polluting our Earth and oceans and isn’t worth our environment becoming even more polluted and toxic just for a single-use bag for your groceries.

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