College football players should be paid

Colleges cost a ton of money to go to and most people want to go to a good college for a good education. When boys and girls are growing up lots, of them want to be on a good sports team. Around 8 million students are currently participating in high school athletics in the United States, but only about 480,000 of them will compete at N.C.A.A schools. Those 480,000 people play sports like basketball and the college football players don’t paid anything.

College football players should be getting paid money. Tua Tagovailoa is the star QB for Alabama and one of the best QB’s in college. He played all 15 games and threw 43 TD’s. He doesn’t get paid at all. Some of the colleges practice from 30-50 hours. Mostly all of the star players get drafted on an NFL team and get paid millions but some have to wait 1-4 years for that contract and things could change in those years, the player could get hurt and never play again, he could have a few good years but then drop, or he could not get drafted into the NFL. If it is a star player with dreams of going to the NFL and making lots of money but they get their whole career ruined because of an injury and can never play again, that would be really unfair for the player who worked super hard for his dream and didn’t get paid at all.

The college players get paid in gifts. The main gift they receive are electronics like TVs or iPads for the team. The maximum amount of money to be spent on one player is $550 and if you buy a new iPad or TV for them they would have little to no money more to get from gifts. Other gifts are gift cards, bobble heads, backpacks, sunglasses, watches, hats, etc.. The players don’t get to choose what they get or what type of gift card they get, the N.C.A.A chooses things that add up to $550. If you compare $550 to Aaron Rodgers $33.5 million salary there is a big difference. I’m not saying the college players should get paid millions but they should get paid a lot of money and choose what they want to spend it on. In the end college players should get paid and should be able to buy what they want with that money.

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