Enhance Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws

I glance out my Grandpa’s window to the sight of six dogs panting outside on a hot, dry summer day. The sound of a booming voice pounds my ears, as a man rages at his dogs. These poor dogs lying on the ground barking, begging for food and water, latched to a tree, only able to wonder a few feet ahead. Days, weeks, months and still the old, aggressive dog owner fuming at them to be quiet. On these warm days, there is not enough water left in their bowl and no one to fill it up for them. It is unfair to see these innocent dogs begging for something they need and not getting it. The belligerent owner taking care of these dogs is depriving them of the endless love they deserve.

As this occurrence continues to grow into a bigger issue, more and more animals are losing their lives due to abuse and cruelty. Whether it is from dog fights, fur farms, or animal hoarding, a few of the most common ways of abusing, it is a major issue everywhere. According to The Humane Society, three million puppies are killed in shelters due to lack of adoptive homes. Many people genuinely do not care enough about the health of these dogs to adopt and care for them. Along with that, 900 to 20,000 cases occur every year regarding animal hoarding, holding a large quantity of pets and not caring for them in the proper way, as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals states.

Bystanders have been trying to reach out to governments to create laws that give further damaging results to abusers. As The New York Times states, “There’s no federal ban on animal cruelty. Lawmakers want to change that.” Bills are being passed into the government to focus on giving consequences to the act of abusing an animal. The law itself is, “If you record yourself abusing an animal, you can face federal charges for documenting it, but not for the act of cruelty itself.”  Some believe the laws are already strict enough. Let’s take a look at Connecticut. Any sort of abuse towards an animal will result in a fine up to 1,000 dollars and or imprisonment for a few years. Look at Kentucky, the state with the weakest laws according to Animal Legal Defense Fund. Multiple incidents of owners who terribly abuse their dogs are found weekly. In the end, everything works out in their way to the extent that they walk away with little to no consequences. I strongly urge that the ASPCA continues to push for stricter laws and regulations all across America to prevent cruelty.

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