Giving Veterans What They Deserve

Imagine you just got out of college and are finally living in your own house, away from your parents and on your own. You find out that the house is too expensive, so you join the military and get the bonus of $100 a month so you can afford your new home. After serving for 15 months, you have $1,500 dollars waiting for you in the bank on top of what you earned for fighting. Then you get an email saying that all bonuses for veterans has been cancelled. You serve for the next 2 and a half years and decide not to reenlist, you come back with less money then you deserved. And worse, on your way back home you are wearing your uniform, waiting for a honorable hero’s welcome, but you get spat on and given the middle finger. And because you can’t afford your house, your house gets taken by the bank. Now you are stuck living on the streets, begging for money. This is the story of many Vietnam veterans, and sadly some current veterans that just came home from fighting for you.


This is a problem that needs to be fixed, History ( has an article that talks about Steven A. Wowwk. He was a wounded vietnam veteran that had been discharged honorably, but he was spat on and given the middle finger. People that have put their lives on the line so that we can sleep in peace at night are just being attacked and some die from being physically harmed.


Our veterans also aren’t getting what they deserve, they should always have a bonus no matter what severe problems the government has. The New York Times states that in 2016, veterans had not received the bonus, there are countless people who enlist so that they can afford to live in a broken down, one room apartment. But when veterans didn’t get their bonus, many ended up living on the filthy streets, and they can still take that bonus away. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs says that there are 37,800 homeless veterans on the streets of America with no home, the town of Westport, CT has roughly 28,000 people.


Charities are already helping, and we need to donate more, and guarantee that they get the bonus and respect that they deserve. Donate to AMVETS(American Veterans) to help get these heroes off the street.  And it doesn’t help that many of the wounded veterans have a horrible disability that makes it so that they are not eligible for the paying job that they need later on.

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