NASA’s Funding Crisis

It was 2012 when the Curiosity Rover landed on the surface of mars, the red planet. I was only seven years old but it felt like the most awesome thing ever. We, NASA, National Aeronautic And Space Administration, JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, had just sent something to another plant. Some that still runs and works today. We have sent people to the moon inspiring some of the greatest scientific discoveries, and yet in 2017 NASA budget was cut.

The total cost of the Apollo mission was $143,997,405,405.41. The Apollo mission taught us about the earth and shows us that the moon has a crust, mantel, and core. They also found glass on the moon which is likely from a volcanic eruption. While the U.S military will get 700 billion dollars in 2018 NASA only got 20.7 billion. If NASA had even a fraction of that budget, scientist believe that we could see submarines sent to Europa and have telescopes that dwarf the Hubble. One idea that has been a thought for Nation Aeronautic Space Administration since the 1950s is the thought of a spinning space station to create artificial gravity allowing the astronauts less effects when they get back to earth, improving their health.

Also some experts think that if we had the money it would be possible to colonize mars in as little as seven years. Some scientist think that the maximum population earth can hold is about 10 billion people. One firm believer in that is Stephen Hawking. The U.S has 10 aircraft carriers and the rest of the world combined also has ten, smaller ones. The U.S is building more new aircraft carriers called Ford Class and each one will cost more than NASA’s total budget. There are many people that believe that NASA is a waste of money but, congress has wasted billions on the f-35 project which is still not working.

One thing that many people forget is how much we use NASA’s findings.  When you want to check the weather in the morning you go on your phone and go on the weather app, but this would not be possible if we did not have satellites in orbit, and who put them in orbit, NASA. Another thing that people don’t realize is a result of NASA is GPS. Most people use GPS almost everyday event the members of congress. Also the MILITARY! There is substantial amount of things that the military would not be able to do with out NASA. Lots of people have forgotten what space has given us but it is still extremely important part of what we need and use in our daily lives.

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