Daily Archives: March 22, 2019

“Sexy” Should Not Describe Self-Induced Scars

Elana Quartararo, a generation Zer like me, said in a New York Times editorial much like this one, “Like it or not, social media has given us a way not only to speak out, but to educate ourselves and expand our minds in a way that is unprecedented.” Today is abundant in its impact. Sadly, … Continue reading “Sexy” Should Not Describe Self-Induced Scars

The Reconstruction Of Gender in Our Society

We’ve all had that uncomfortable moment when standing near or talking to a person, and were unable to identify what they are. Not so long ago, mistaking someone’s gender was a silly mistake; but now a serious personal offense. This problem is constantly evolving and worsening over time, with new terms slowly being accepted into … Continue reading The Reconstruction Of Gender in Our Society

Was America Ever Great?

I was at an afterschool activity when a couple students took “Make America Great Again” hats out of their lockers. This bothered me. Recently, the MAGA hat has become an extremely controversial topic. MAGA hats were involved in a racial standoff between a native man and high schoolers recently. What bothers me about the hat … Continue reading Was America Ever Great?

College Athletes should be Paid

While listening to a sports radio talk show host discuss the idea of college athletes getting paid, I ask my dad,  “Why should they get paid Dad?.” He says,”They bring millions of dollars into the college institutions, and billions to the NCAA!”   Zion Williamson, an NCAA College basketball star attending Duke University was one … Continue reading College Athletes should be Paid