Really? Chores Improve your adulthood?

Kids that do household chores are more likely to be successful when older. They will “grow” as a person, Michigan State University. They will know how to do crucial things around the house, it will become very easy and helpful for them now and in the future. Doing more chores will benefit them in so many ways.

In my house we all do chores for our phones, while I find it to be the death of me, it will teach me things that I did not know before such as doing the gross, disgusting dishes cleaning up my room and doing my laundry, I also learned a little on how to prepare a meal. Doing chores has taught me teamwork and how to work with others. So if one person does not do their chores it slows down the process of the rest of us completing our chores. Times have changed, kids are doing less and less household chores as the years go on.

Go to Peru, look around, there are kids climbing tall trees or trying to sell food just to live this is more than chores. Kids in America are lazy, they don’t do as much as they should. In America you can find a kid on their phones for hours but in some other countries they don’t have phones. Between 2001 and 2005 a researchers from U.C.L.A. studied the Everyday Lives of Families recorded 1,540 hours of 32 middle-class families with children going about their business. They found that the parents did the housework and intervened quickly when the kids had trouble completing a task. Children in 22 families practiced ignoring or resisting their parents’ help. In eight families, the parents didn’t ask children to do anything. That leaves two families in which kids meaningfully helped out. This shows that parents could care less about what their children do.

Dr. Martin Rossman, University of Minnesota undertook a study (for a span of 20 years) which revealed that the best predictors of a child’s success is if they began helping with chores at age 3 or 4. These children were less likely to abuse drugs and had better relationships, and other significant benefits. There are so many ways for kids to work around the house and do chores, so why not get them started with it at an early age.

¨A long-running Harvard University study of inner-city males found that willingness and capacity to work in childhood — indicated by holding a part-time job, taking on household chores, or participating in school activities — was better for mental health in adulthood than social class, family problems, and other factors,¨ according to

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