Require Schools to Teach About Cyberbullying

As a young adolescent, I understand what kind of corrupt world we live in. A depressing world filled with issues of global terrorism, mass shootings, and economic crises, but also a world where you can press a few buttons on a strange rectangular screen to call someone from across the world. However, in this world, the problem of cyberbullying has stricken us hard, but people still choose to ignore it. As being one of the children who has been left uninformed, I was pulled into the horrible world, tossed around, and spat back out.


With these new technological items being the most prominent things in our lives right now, and the ability to become anonymous, it’s really easy for a person looking to cause some mayhem on some child’s life, without the child ever knowing what to do about it, who is doing it, or how to stop it. Nobody has prepared them for these scenarios which can come about in this technology filled life. Preparing kids is the school’s job.


School is supposed to be a place where we learn about different subjects, so we are prepared when we are thrown out into the real world, but apparently cyberbullying is not that big of an issue in schools. I’ve taken all the required classes, and besides from that one motivational speaker you see only once, all you’re getting is adults telling you to speak to a teacher if you are getting bullied, and nothing else.


The reality of it all, is that when you don’t prepare the children for this issue, when it comes up, they don’t know what’s happening to them is a bad thing. When I was getting harassed online, I didn’t realize what they were doing to me was done with malicious content, I thought it was how people normally acted, so I still played video games with them, I still called them my friends, even though almost every time I would talk to them, they would make me cry.


I know I’m not the only person this is happening to, as almost 34 percent of students in middle and high school have been cyberbullied in 2016, with about 50 percent of adolescents of color making up part of it. There is also the fact that about one in four of these people have been cyberbullied multiple times.


Because of all of this, schools should be doing more to stop the ever rising problem of cyberbullying. It’s possible to prevent kids from falling into these people’s traps by having them informed. Information is power, and with power, people can fight back against those who hurt them, and we can fight back against everything that hurts us.

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