School Dress Codes

What if you came to school and you were told to get change because you were violating the dress code? Then if you didn’t have a change in clothes you would be forced to go home and change. Well this is what girls everywhere have to deal with. The school dress code is used so that students don’t show up in “inappropriate” clothing. Many schools say the dress code is strictly there for all genders to follow, but we all know that it is there only for girls. The dress code is not only sexist but it’s a wastes time girls could be using for education. Girls should be learning so they can further their education but instead they are being pulled out of class to change. This is not what a dress code should be used for.

Many girls get pulled out of class because they have a tank top on or too cropped of a shirt but many teachers and parents state “You go to school to learn.” The only way that can work is if school staff members stop pulling kids out of class. This is taking away from their time to learn. All the time that you take dress coding a girl could be spent learning new stuff and doing other classwork. School was made for teaching kids being able helping them do good in life and able to go to a good college. By getting sent home isn’t going to help us in are lives. Education is their to help are future and make us smarter but enrolling a dress code isn’t in fact it takes away from are future we are learning less because of it.

Girls are known as violators once they break the dress code. The teachers and staff look at girls everyday to make sure it won’t happen again. People are so focused on what girls wear they forget all about the boys. Girls don’t try and show off their bodys we try to be comfortable in what we wear to school. “As of the 2007-2008 school year, 16.5% of all public schools in the US are required to wear a uniform. Along with 54% have a very strict dress code.” I think that the dress code is absurd.

In order for girls to be treated fairly and be educated at the same time the dress code needs to stop being so strict. It can’t be only pointed at girls and it can’t interrupt our time to learn. We come to school so we can be smarter human beings that shouldn’t be taken away from us just because of what we are wearing.

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