Social Media Needs a Limit


My cousins cousin was probably one of the nicest people you would ever meet whenever I saw her she was happy and just always made people laugh. It wasn´t until one day when I saw her and she just wasn’t herself, grant it I had only seen her about 5 times before, but I just knew something was up. After she left my cousins house I asked my cousin is everything okay with her. She just looked at me concerned and then she said that she wasn’t doing too well and people were bullying her online. My heart sank and the only thing I could think about that whole day was how was I going to help this girl. Later to find out that she had self-harmed because of the online bullying, right then I knew something had to change.

This isn’t just happening to her it’s a worldwide issue, in fact there are many pieces of evidence saying how this large issue needs to be changed, here is a quote from Pew Research, “The times today reported that hospital admissions for girls who self-harmed had gone up from 7327 in 1997 to 13,463 last year.” This information is drastic. If nothing changes the numbers are only gonna keep going up. People are only using social media more as the years pass, nothing is going to change if we don’t change it.

Social media is not only making people self-harm it is also creating many other issues, for example teens who are on social media are less social in public because of it. Here is another important quote from Pew Research ¨It makes it harder for people to socialize in real life, because they become accustomed to not interacting with people in person.” It’s extremely unfortunate that social media causes many people to not talk as much in person, I mean what the point if you already caught up with them on social media, that’s what a lot of teens think.

Teens feel a lot more comfortable on social media because they think that they can say whatever they want on social media, if it is on snapchat it will disappear in 10 seconds that is not the case people are always able to figure out what happened, weather it be because someone screenshotted whatever you sent or if another person took a photo of it, once you say something you can never take it back. Even if only one person sees what you said, it is still going to stick with them forever. So why are parents not monitoring what the children and teens do more. It only takes one person to completely ruin or end someone’s life.

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