Socialism Kills

Teach Your Kids The Ills Of Socialism

The United States, the only true bastion of freedom. The only country righteous enough to allow freedom of speech fully, and one of 3 to have a constitutional right to bear arms. People like me, patriots, hold this knowledge and these ideas with pride. However, there is a growing un-American movement of entitlement and the belief of stripping away our constitutional rights right here in the US.

The growing movement is socialism, not even half of young Americans today believe in capitalism, the same system that has grown more economies, taken more people out of debt, taken more people out of poverty than any other system or idea in the entire human history (700 million+ according to the foundation for economics).

In fact it’s the only idea which needs economic freedom as well as personal freedom to survive. It’s the same system America was founded on, as well as a representative republic it’s these ideas that are American. But the socialist, explicitly un-American ideas, have put hundreds of millions into poverty, annihilated entire countries, starved entire countries, killed upwards of 300 million people, started many wars including the Vietnam war and the Korean war put tens of millions into slavery and death camps including the holocaust camps as well as the Italian and Japanese camps and gulags and the North Korean death camps. Nazis are socialist, and fascists have socialist economic controls.

So why is it that people today can still be socialists and hate freedoms and capitalism? Well it’s because of ignorance, lack of knowledge, or greed. Ask any socialist why they are socialist and they will say something contradictory to hard evidence eventually, or just make a poor argument about why everyone should be rich but not everyone should work for it or everyone should work for it OR ELSE.

But the trend is that it’s in millenials, the idea of socialism being the ideal system. Baby boomers did way more then just prosper under capitalism, the greatest generation beat back communism alongside the boomers, and generation X has already seen the disastrous effects of Obama’s socialist programs and now can see the laid back economics of Trump. So please, teach your kids millenial or not about the horrors and evils of socialism, and show them how America got to the spot of most rich and most free, and how socialism could never even dream of getting here, and just one more thing to scare you, not even half of millennials support capitalism.


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4 thoughts on “Socialism Kills

  1. I don’t care what you say about socialism, just stop right there before you say the Nazis were socialist. It’s a misnomer, like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). The Nazis were fascist, which is totally different from socialism. Seriously. Google “socialism”, open a new tab and google “fascism”. It’s too completely opposite words. You even said they were both socialist, and fascist, in the same sentence. Woo hoo for your research. Marxist socialism wanted to remove all classes and distribute capital among everyone. Nazi fascism wanted to consolidate capital, and saw themselves as racially superior. Not removing any classes there. And yes, the Nazis did employ some socialist economic strategies before going back to a corporate cartel base, where companies profited off of the murder of millions of ethnic minorities, the overall purpose of Nazism. So, as you can see, Nazism and socialism are too COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS! They’re exact opposites, even. The reason the word “Socialism” is the official name of the Nazis was more or less to try and rebrand it to socialist workers, so they could get enough votes to kill everybody. In Martin Nimoller’s poem, “First They Came”, it even starts with the words, “First they came for the Socialists,” meaning that the Nazis hated the socialists and killed many in the holocaust. So stop trying to associate the Nazis with the far-left and paint a picture of socialism as evil and bad, because the Nazis were fascist, which is a far-right point of view. I suggest doing some research apart from googling the full name of the Nazi party before you go around making bold statements like that.

  2. First of all, stop right there before you say that the Nazis were socialist. Sure, their party title had the word “Socialist” in it, but the official name of North Korea is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It’s just a branding move. Try doing a bit more research than googling the name, and not bothering to read any of the many articles out there explaining to people why the Nazis are not socialist, because they are, in fact, fascist. And, if you would bother doing and RESEARCH, you’d be able to find out that those are, in fact, COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE OF EACH OTHER! The goals of Marxist socialism was to erase all classes and distribute capital to everyone, regardless of social standing, arguing that everyone was equal and that the rich should stop making money off the backs of the poor, like in tsarist Russia. The fascists, on the other hand, wanted to consolidate capital, and reinstate social classes with themselves at the top as racially superior to everyone else. So I would suggest to stop branding the Nazis as socialist, selling half-facts to support your rant about the evils of socialism, and just maybe try to do enough research (reading literally anything about the Nazis, or about socialism), to realize that fascism and socialism are two completely separate things. And please think before you post another statement like that again, or at least have more than one line of evidence to support your reasoning before you do it!

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