Suicide is Too Easy

Everyday is the same for me; wake up, go to school, take the bus home and go to an activity, but this day was different. This day… hurt. I go on my phone once I returned from school to see an anonymous comment about me posted on snapchat. I swipe up to find out who it is, but the she refused to tell me. Time and time again I reread “She’s just a wannabe” with the laughing emojis. It dreadfully hurt to know people laughed about me so often. I felt beyond empty and that no one really liked me. This painful feeling is something that people everyday feel but worse.


Cyber bullying is one of the lead causes for suicide. There are a few of these causes which are depression, low self-esteem and cyber bullying. The usual age for one to get a phone is about 10 years old. Well, according to a New York Times article 10-14 year old girls suicide rate tripled in numbers in 15 years and suicide as a whole rose 24%. This shows how suicide keeps growing because in 1999 there were only 29,199 suicides, which is still a tremendous amount, but in 2014 there were 42,773. America’s Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) states there were 47,173 suicides in 2017 and an estimation of 1,400,000 suicide attempts. Suicide Prevention Resource Center researched that in 2016 children aged 10-14 had a total of 436 successful suicides. AFSP mentions that in grades 9-12 7.4% of students will have made one or more suicide attempts.


High schools in the teenage time, ages 14-18, and according to Pew Research Center 70% of teens will have depression. That number is tremendously large and it’s not going down. Thought Catalog specifically states, “Suicidals are not seeking attention, they’re seeking an escape from the dismal existence they think they’re trapped in.” I hear people say suicide jokes so often like “I’m actually going to kill myself” or “Kill me now” but they’re just kidding, while 47,000 other humans actually mean it.


Situations happen like this everyday and I urge companies to make it harder to purchase anything that can be used for suicide or suicide attempts. 51% of suicides are because of firearms, 28% from suffocation and 21% for other reasons like drugs. Pharmacies should only give prescribed drugs made by doctors and the black market should be shut down because this can lower risks of suicide or suicide attempts. Otherwise suicide will be the leading cause of all death. It’s already one of the top 10, what’s going to stop it from being first?


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