Technology and How it Will Change the Future

Technology is advancing every single day. People are thinking up of brand new ideas, and those ideas are being put into creating brand new tech. Many people think that robots work for them in the future. One day, these people may be working for them, or not working at all. People today ask an important question: What is the minimum wage? In the eyes of someone that is thinking about the future, the minimum wage is zero. Have you ever gone into a fast food place and seen that there was an automated kiosk taking people’s orders instead of a living human cashier? That takes someone’s job away from them. CEOs and heads of these large companies just want to make more money. They are spending less money to pay human workers, and need less human workers nowadays. There are also still problems with child labor and human trafficking in the workforce. Eventually, the only human employees would be merely maintenance workers to make sure that everything is running smooth. People are working hard to make the technology of the future, which may lead them to losing their own occupations.


This can be good and bad. Technology can have a positive impact on society and how the world works. There will be many jobs open for people with skills in jobs such as statistics, design, engineering, and computer programming. People say that robotics will close many jobs in the future, but it will open up many more, according to  Planet Expat. When people get overly concerned on this, they are becoming concerned on something called “technological unemployment.” This is a small problem today, but if people do not keep up with how technology is advancing, it will be much larger. People should begin working ahead so that they will still have a place to work tomorrow. We can’t ignore the progress of technological advancement. It is just simply impossible.


When the first car assembly lines were made, they had human workers on the job. Nowadays, car companies use industrial robots that build the frames, paint the cars, etc. Spots for jobs are shortening, so people need to learn how to choose something that will still be necessary in the future. Software engineers, maintenance workers, and many other occupations in computer science are needed. Large money-making company owners even are concerned about technological unemployment. They are also concerned that artificial intelligence will eventually outsmart the human race. If we continue to move along in advancements, the human race will continue moving another day.

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2 thoughts on “Technology and How it Will Change the Future

  1. I don’t think that CEOs are only concerned with money. They can’t just keep every human being unemployed without upsetting the market to a point where it would be detrimental to their business. If people can’t afford to buy their products then their business will fail, so they need to keep the consumers supplied with enough cash to spend on their products.

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