Teenagers need to higher their self-esteem

A friend goes up to me, “you’re so gorgeous” she says. I reply by saying thank you as a gesture to show that i’m thankful. I feel like I have to say something back, “you too!” I say. Out of nowhere she get all insecure, like she  never pictured herself as pretty. She starts to say “no”, or “i’m not, you’re lying”. his may be an act of being in denial or an act of self doubt. Girls these days are judged often, this has an effect on many people. According to an article called dosomething, 70% of girls 15 to 17 don’t attend to normal daily activities, such as school, when they don’t feel good  about how they look. This matter creates girls to not have a good education as they deserve . This proves that, that low self esteem is a problem and seems to be becoming an even immense issue over the years.

It’s a matter of your thought process, self esteem is a mental order that’s usually revolves around like I said before, people being judged, and it’s also how some people don’t think of themselves as equal to everyone. This isn’t acceptable, because everyone in our society deserves to be considered equivalent to another  because after all, we are all equal human beings . And because so, why can’t everyone be treated the same? 7 in 10 girls have low self esteem problems because they don’t think they’re good enough or don’t measure up in some way. As we carry on, I think we should be able to look at ourselves like we actually do have confidence in ourselves. People these days shouldn’t have to hide themselves with makeup or becoming what their not. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is an art and it is a way for girls to express themselves and makes them happy, but no girl should feel as if they NEED makeup. Low self esteem is a mental state, we create what we see in our minds, and put thoughts into our head. We focus on the cant’s and don’ts, if that’s  so in our heads now then all of these things aren’t possible. You got your face, your personality, and body for a reason, not to just sit back and create this negative impact on your life that can actually possibly lead to not that good of a life.


If our minds are negative, then life might not be as good as you expect it to be. If we have all these negatives thoughts in our heads, saying we’re not good enough or that we’re not that good looking, negative thoughts can have an effect on your emotions, this creates a world where you might be depressed or have fear. This could impact your life in a bleak way. But it’s possible to change these thoughts. Everyday focus on the good of anything, yourself, the people around you, or even just the smallest of things. This could help with negative thoughts.

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