Too Much Disrespect Not Enough Discipline


As I sit in class everyday I watch my fellow classmates  disrespect teachers,I hear my peers talking about it in the hall about what just happened in that class. Teachers come back to their classroom after being out for the day and they see a mess.  I see students looking through teachers desks,stealing there property,talking back. In math class we had a substitute who used to be a math teacher. We were working on the whiteboard. No one was willing to help out so he picks someone. He asks “I’m sorry what’s your name again?” this student responds “Why do you need to know that.” You could see the utter disgust in the teacher’s face after that comment. Disgusting acts like these happen many times throughout the school day. The extreme disrespect that teachers get is unbelievable. Teachers should be able to do more about it.

Students have become 40% less empathetic than 20-30 years ago. This is definitely a fact in my school. Students  don’t care what other people are feeling they only care about themselves and their reputation. They do everything for the laughs.  Everyone just disrespects each other without evening knowing they are. They will do anything for laughs from their friends and the people around them. They just all want attention no matter how much they are hurting someone. They don’t care what they are doing just as long as they can get people’s attention.

Early teenage years are rough. The amount of unneeded stress is crazy. We think about what people are thinking about us. Teens often feel undervalued or misjudged. Some people feel this way but it is not an excuse to  make disturbing acts in school For the amount of disrespect that goes on in my grade is overwhelming and breathtaking to watch happen.Teachers don’t do much to solve these problems that happen right in front of them. There are people  in the beginning of class just talking and talking not even caring that the teacher is waiting for them to shut up. It’s not the teacher’s job to discipline students but that this needs to change.

Teachers should do more about the disrespect of students right when it happens in their classroom. Teachers should not have to keep  constantly getting disrespected everyday by their students. Teengaers spend most of their time at school or at sports and clubs so,teachers  should be able to discipline their students that they see almost everyday. If parents want their child be able to be an amazing person outside of school then their  teachers should be able to discipline their students in school more often.

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