Violent Video Games Don’t Cause Violence

Again and again we have witnessed many vicious and violent acts of crime. We are seeing more and more of it on the news, at work, in school, and everywhere. People like to blame something for any misfortune, we all do it as humans. But what do most people blame for these violent acts? Video Games. Most parents aren’t very fond of these “video games”, they think they promote violence. This is not the case. People judge other people based on what similar people have done. Meaning if someone heard on the news that a school shooting happened, and they played video games, and they know I play video games. I get treated differently and that’s not right. This is what’s happening right now.


As someone who who has played video games for nearly my entire life, i have seen a lot. It can be pretty terrible. However, this isn’t just in video games. Every day people are saying horrendous things to other people. And that’s why every game ever, has a mute control,  or a way to not communicate. If you don’t like what someone is saying, you don’t have to hear it. We have to say to ourselves, if it’s the content or the culture. Meaning, if you give your 10 year old kid an M rated video game (Mature 17+) and they start behaving aggressively, of course it’s the video game. But it’s not the games’ fault. It’s the parents for letting them play the game. You have to trust that your child is responsible enough for these games. It’s like taking your kid to a R rated movie and he or she gets a nightmare about it. You can’t blame the movie.

You should blame the parents. The one that brought the kid to the movies or bought the game for the kid. When a 13 year old is playing a 10+ video game then they should be fine.

And if not, then simply don’t let the kid play the game. Video games can be incredibly violent. That’s why the parent has to buy the game. Not the kid. Parents should always be checking what their kid is playing, and they should always be aware. It’s not the games fault, nor the kids fault. But instead, the parents.


There has been no proven research that video games for the appropriate age group is too violent. That’s why in 2011, the court of California dismissed this issue. There is no way a kid is in a dangerous place through video games if the parent is even a little bit responsible.

The content should not change, but maybe the culture should.

Violent video games do not cause violence.

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