Why Electric Cars are Better Than Petrol Cars:

Once on a sunny day, I was walking my dog and I see a flyer of  global warming later that evening I find more of these flyers. So I was intrigued with what could possibly cause global warming. I stayed on this topic to learn how to save the world from being destroyed. As my research started to add up I realized that petrol cars are having a huge impact by polluting. To help reduce global warming we can buy electric cars. Just contemplate of what an electric car can do.

There are many electric cars out there that are affordable such as the Tesla model S which costs 30k or the Toyota Prius which is 20k etc. So we have many options of electric cars, all we need to do is to buy them. Also a huge benefit is that the charging stations for electric cars are free so you will be saving a large amount of money. For example, the average person spends a total of $888 per month on gasoline which means that they spend 10,656 dollars per year, with electric cars you will save 10,656 dollars every year.    

The main reason why petrol cars are a problem is because they pollute more than 20 percent of the US greenhouse gas emissions according to the New York Times. Tesla cars are saving  more than 3.5 billion tons and counting of CO2 gas.

Also electric cars have less moving parts compared to petrol cars. This means that there is a lower chance for a part to break which also means that it is much more safer than petrol cars. Not only that but electric cars won’t have gasoline leaks like petrol cars do. Also tesla’s cars are made out of the same material as their Space X rocket ships.

One of the greatest arguments against EVs is that the energy it costs to charge them come from polluting sources. While this argument is partly true, in that some power plants do pollute. The pollution per mile is considerably less however, even when taking into account the power plants, for EVs.

As previously stated, electric vehicles have less moving parts than in a traditional car. This allows for lower production costs, which might result in a lower MSRP for the consumer. This would allow the cars to more readily available and affordable to people and could result in a large decrease in greenhouse gasses.

As we all know it is important to maintain our planet and our environment. The adoption will play a large part in helping us reduce our carbon footprint and maintaining a healthy Earth.

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