Breaking Ice


My body fell right underneath and everything went midnight black. I didn’t even have a minute to react. I lifted my arm up out of the intense bitter cold water and tried to desperately grasp something in my reach. I felt something in my reach and I quickly gripped onto it. I was gasping for air like a desperate fish out of water.

It was the first weekend of December break, and I was just  getting out of bed when I glimpsed out of my window and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Snow, Snow everywhere. The trees swayed in the cold brisk wind as the snow on top fell down slowly. I leaped out of my bed and hurried down the stairs where I met my mom making breakfast. The smell of the sizzling bacon caught my attention. I grabbed a plate and ate in a hurry. Finally taking my last gulp of orange juice I sprinted down the stairs to the basement where my sister was still sleeping. 

“Wake up!” I yelled as I gave her a nudge to wake up.

“What, what?” She responded

“It Snowed!”, I said excitedly 

“Okay I’ll be up in a minute” She said back. 

I walked back up the stairs and grabbed my snow boots out of the mud room. I shoved my foot in the boots that were 2 sized two small and was on my way. 

“I’ll be outside just come out when ur ready!” I yelled down from the basement.

I searched the garage for the sleds and finally shoved in the back next to some shovels I found the sleds. On the side of my house there is a huge hill leading all the way down to the lake but since it was below freezing the lake was completely frozen. My sister Katie came out shortly after and I handed her her sled. She took and flew down the hill. “ZOOM.” She was bouncing off rocks and bushes and she still made it all the way to the bottom. 

“My turn!”I yelled 

I took one big step back and got a running start and lunged onto my sled. I went flying! The frigid wind blowing in my face felt good. I remember that day we tried to make a jump out of the snow but it didn’t turn out how we wanted the snow to really cooperate. The only rule when sledding down the huge hill is not to fall into the lake, so what we would have to do is crash into the boat racks so you don’t go through and into the water. My sister Katie was all the way on the top of the hill and we were just about ready to go inside when I called out 

“I’m gonna go one more time.” She angrily rolled her eyes. I got one last running start and stretched out and flew down the hill. I was getting out of control because I was going so fast. The freezing snow kept getting pushed up into my eyes and face making it hard for me to see. I tried to peak and see where the boat racks were but by that time I was going too fast and I couldmt stoo myself. I flew right under the boat racks and dives straight into the frozen lake. Immediately I felt in head go under and I couldt find my sled to pull myself back up. I was desperately gasping for air as my head kept trying to break the solid ice blocks above me. I peaked my hand through where I fell in and tried one last time to grasp onto something but nothing. The water was bitter cold and dark. I heard a voice breely and I feel something go under the water with me. I latched on and I began to pull my self up. I took one deep breathe and my lungs filled with air. I got out of the water and I it felt like I had been stabbed with a thousand little knives because I was so cold. 

“You could of died what were you thinking”  My sister hollard.

“I know” I said sherving. I finally got inside and took a warm shower to heat my slef up. After that day we couldn’t sled down that hill again, and i’ve realized to be more careful when there is frozen ice. 

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