Today was the day I would face one of my fears. I was going to Six Flags New England with my mom, brother, and sister. At Six Flags, there were some roller coasters that touched the clouds. That scares me along with flips and all sorts of turns. There’s this hotel about 15 minutes away from the park. We always stay there because it is a really nice hotel. What’s special about this hotel, is that it has something called a “Rockstar Room”. If you stay on the special floor, it is free food in the “Rockstar Room”. The next special thing about this hotel is that it has a pool. Great Refreshment. Today I was going to conquer my fear of roller coasters. When we showed up at the park, my brother started running as fast as a cheetah. I didn’t know where he was going until I looked up. 




Staring straight up scared. The biggest, tallest roller coaster in the park.  I didn’t want to do this first. I wanted to live longer. Only problem was, there was no line. So here I was, getting locked into my seat staring at the track. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was shaking. Right next to me, my sister was the complete opposite. Smiling and screaming of joy. Hands up and everything. As the coaster started to go up, I was already screaming at 10 feet in the air. I knew this was it. I was getting more and more nervous. Sun smiling at me as it got bigger and bigger and the ground getting smaller and smaller. I could see we were nearing the top. I looked down and saw my mom waving at me. We were so high I could have touched the top of the Empire State Building. 




I felt like we were pushing 200 miles per hour. I was holding on as hard as if I had no seatbelt. The roller coaster was going up and down like mile high speed bumps every 20 feet. As we went through this dark, mysterious tunnel, I saw a flash on my right. I instantly knew it was the camera that took my picture. As the ride came to a halt, I was relieved. My eyes were bigger than a watermelon. My heart was beating like the drums of a fast rock n roll song. As we got off the roller coaster, I needed a break. My legs were telling me to sit down because of how much they were shaking. The only problem with SIx Flags New England, is that they have a bunch of tiny rides and then a few big ones. No middle schooler wants to go on a fast turning cart that actually hurts. The next roller coaster we were headed to was Joker. It didn’t sound that bad until I saw it. Green, squiggly lines with people flipping everywhere.
“Yeah I’m going to skip this one.” I say

“Come on Cam just do it.” exclaims my mom. 

“Don’t tell me to do it, you didn’t go on Superman and you won’t on this.” I say back smiling with laughter. After I get out of that ride, the one right next to it is even worse. 




This ride was all about flips and turns because it didn’t go very high. It looked like a very short, but fast ride. As we headed over to Batman, they already knew I wasn going to do this one. They just walked straight ahead into the line while my mom and I sat on a bench. 


As we stayed in the hero section of the park, the next ride was Wonder Woman. This ride was the perfect ride for me. It didn’t go very high and didn’t have loops and flips and all of these sharp turns. Since this was my type of ride, my mom actually went on. I sat with her in the front row. This was my type of ride. As our first day was coming to an end, we got some food and headed to the hotel. As we got back to the room, we all changed into our bathing suits and headed to the pool. Furthermore, the pool was indoors with a sauna and a balcony. Near the back of the hotel, where the pool was, there were lots of buildings. These huge buildings surrounded me like a baseball player in a pickle. As we jumped in the pool, we swam around playing games. The best part though, was the sauna. For my whole life, I had always been a hot temperature kid. Playing baseball in the summer, I was always out in the sun feeling the heat. After we warmed up in the sauna, it was time to head back to the room. As the sun went down, it got cool out. Later that night we headed to dinner. We walked around those buildings and finally found somewhere to eat. We went to a nice italian restaurant with really good food. In addition, my family is around 90% italian. We don’t always eat italian, but when we do, I have pasta with meatballs. The first day of my trip was coming to an end and I finally fell asleep. 


Beep Beep Beep! My mom’s alarm clock woke us up getting us ready for the day. I quickly got dressed and headed straight for the rockstar room. They had about 10 hot chocolate cups and they were the best thing I ever had. My taste buds were telling me to take another cup everytime I would take another sip. The park was so big you could see it from a mile away. Some roller coasters flying around the park with others skyrocketing straight to the moon. 

“Goin back on Superman Cam?” My sister says. 

“I don’t know yet, that ride was pretty scary.” 

Today I had a baseball game at four o’clock. We needed to get home in time for that game because it was a big one. We had time for two rides. When we walked into the park, I followed my siblings not knowing where they were going. The 400 foot swinging ride. 

“Nope . . . Nope.” I say instantly finding out what ride we’re doing. 

“Cam, don’t be a baby.” my sister fires back. I just walk away as they head in line. When they get off, we head straight for Superman. Again, I go on with my sister because my brother is just . . . not cool. The ride was starting to go up. I got it. Maybe I can keep my eyes open and actually see what is happening. In my mind, I was hyping myself up. As we got to the top of the roller coaster though, my eyes were shut. Feeling air as fresh as Fiji water, my face was refreshed. Going around in circles and loops and all sorts of turns, my eyes were opened. Getting unlocked from the cart, I wanted to go on again. Heading back home, I realized my fear of roller coasters was gone.


Kingda Ka. 


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