The sound of the trampoline I knew I wasn’t supposed to be on creaked in the dark, quiet world, the sound of the swing swinging back and forth while he pushed her front and back. Freedom. We were free. Nobody was watching. 

Before, me and my two friends, Amelia and JJ, had snuck out in the blink of an eye. No destination. We had nowhere to be (except our bed of course but my mom didn’t need to know that). The long road ahead was our path. The road had no cars, just a long road in a quiet little town. Along the houses front yards we passed were big inflatables that we didn’t acknowledge were there, which caused me to yell “WHAT IS THAT” when I first saw one. My scream had made Amelia and JJ jump with panic, till we looked and saw a glowing dragon inflatable dancing in the wind. Thoughts roamed my head of things that couldn’t possibly happen like the inflatables coming to life and chasing after us. “No not real, nope, just inflatables” I thought to myself. (luckily for us they were just inflatables)

Now we kept on walking. Just me and my friends for a while like we had all the time in the world. That got boring. Very Quickly. We turned around back to my house. Once we were there we thought of the next best thing. My neighbors backyard. It was big and full of activities. The trampoline. The swing hung by a rope attached to the shaking unstable tree branch. The other swing from what seemed like it could be used in a horror movie, like you could look and there would be an ancient doll staring back at you. The pond. The pool. The Chickens. The large amount of acres. The very tall wobbly tree. The yard. It was our escape to freedom. A joy ride. The sound of pure laughter echoed off the earth as he pushed her up so high she could probably jump and touch the stars. I thought ¨ Maybe the aliens could hear our laughter and join in¨(but that’s not very likely is it). I was on the trampoline. Not jumping. But laying down and looking at the stars. Admiring them knowing somewhere else it’s sunny out or snowing. How crazy I thought that was. The Idea of Our World. The system it runs on. I didn’t get it. But I wasn’t about to spend all night thinking about that, I don’t think I would be able to understand if I tried.

 I got off the trampoline and me and my friends grouped up in my yard. I had a little swing that the part you sit on was like a spider web made out of green rope. Near that was an old playhouse made out of wood. I had a dirty blanket in there as the playhouse didn’t get much use. It creaked when you went on it. And the hook holding up the swing was rusty and corroded. 

For the rest of the night we sat on the swing talking about what we’ll do in the morning. The night was passing by quickly. I mean you know time flies by when you’re having fun. Tonight was proof of that.

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