It was a wet fall day. My brother Mathieu and I were going to a friend’s house. When we got there we greeted Ryan and his parents then the three of us bolted straight outside to play tag. My mom had to leave right away to run some arens. We went outside to play tag, it was surprisingly not that frigid. We rock, paper, scissored to decide who would it. I lost, so I was it. I immediately tried swinging my hand to make contact with Mathieu’s right arm. He leaped backwards and started dashing the other way. I turned around to see that Ryan vanished! I scurried around the house and locked my eyes onto Ryan. He turned the corner, making me lose sight of him. While running, about to make the corner I slipped on one of the wet leaves laying on the surface. I fell and slammed my head onto a step made of rock that led up to the house. I felt nauseous and dizzy struggling to get up. I pushed my body up with my hands. Then the pain started to sink into the side of my eyebrow. I walked into the house to see a surprised look on my friend’s parents face. “Lie down.” They said and gave me an ice pack. “What happened?” They asked. “I slipped on a wet leave and fell on a stone step.” I replied. Next they called my mom and said something. It was all mumbling to me. I layed down for a couple of minutes until my mom came and picked me up.  “What happened!?” I replied the same thing as before. As my mom was driving me to Urgent Care she was telling me about how close it was to hitting my eye and how lucky I was. “Mom please don’t say I have to get stitches, You know what happens I get as pale as a ghost.” I said worried. “You probably won’t.” my mom replied. Once we got there we talked to the doctor and finally they said it… The exact thing I didn’t want to hear. “You need stitches.” The doctor said professionally. After that I got eight stitches and we went to Petco to see some dogs. 

As we were looking through the different puppies one caught my moms eye. I was interested in another dog and asked my mom if I could get one. She obviously said “No.” Suddenly I look over to see Mom, Mathieu, and my Older sister Sarah who was also in the car saying how cute this one dog was. Then before I knew it we were all begging my Dad if we could get the dog over the phone. He finally said “yes.” and we got the dog and named her Ginger. 

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