Hershey Heart

Name: Izik Brito

Teacher: Mr.Jockers

Class: ILA

Date: 1/31/20

Hershey Heart


I could feel the boisterous roar of the roller coasters crawling up my spine as they passed. I glazed up at the tall coaster, but from down here it looked like the Burj Khalifa’s taller twin. I knew I had to go on. You just don’t leave Hershey park without out riding something scary, or as me and my Dad call it Hershey Heart. You just don’t do that, cause you will never know when life will end. 


“ Come on Matthew I know it looks scary, but like have some guts for once!” I was practically on my knees begging this time. It was like my 500th TIME asking but of course every time he chickened out. Matthew had been on some other rides in the park, but this one was like no other.

“ Nah dawg, I told you already I’m not going on and that’s that!” He yelled, seeming really frustrated.

I stopped asking him knowing that he wouldn’t go on the ride, and made my way to the line. My Dad soon followed, and he waddled up to the line like a penguin seeming a bit resistant himself to go on.

“ Why doesn’t Matthew wanna go on?” I asked with that look that looked like I had a question mark engraved on my face.

“ I don’t know you can’t force him on, although I do agree with you” My father responded rubbing the back of his head.

I knew the conversation was over about Matthew, but it still left some annoyance on the back of my head. It was almost like when you remember you have homework on a Sunday night but you just don’t want to do it.  To my surprise the line wasn’t long at all. But if the rest of the park were being chickens like Matthew, It was almost like having a fast pass at Disney. My heart began to pound heavily, I hoped nobody could hear it but it sounded like the stampeding of elephants. The butterflies were starting to come in, but those weren’t no butterflies. It felt like a wild pack of hyenas running wild inside my stomach.“ Are you alright?” My Dad asked, seeming a bit concerned.

“ Yeah, I’m good.” I remarked. I tried my best to show that I didn’t really care we were about to go on Hershey Hearts biggest ride. The coaster from the last ride came tumbling to a stop in front of me. The participants from the last ride, seemed a bit happy, and a bit winded at the same time as they got off.

“Bro it’s worth it!” I heard one shout at me as they made there way to the exit. This gave me a slight boost in confidence. 


The gates soon  opened in such perplexed motion, as if they were daring me to take a seat on the coaster. Me and my Dad  took a seat in the middle of the coaster playing it safe. The seats felt fairly comfortable, although I knew that feeling wouldn’t last long. The people that check the seats came along, and I felt like Gorilla Glue had been put on my seat.

“ Ok son, here we go!” My Dad bellowed. 

The women operating the ride began a countdown, as my palms began to sweat. She had a sly smirk on her face as if trying to say, these idiots actually got on?

“ 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and enjoy your ride!” She said these numbers so slowly it felt like centuries had passed before I felt enormous breakthrough in speed. The coaster made its way up, and I could hear the click clack, of the coaster as it started to gain speed. I held on as tight as I could.

“ I don’t like this already!” I heard my Dad say.

I glazed to my right where my Dad was.

“ I think it’s too late to get off” I said and chuckled, as  we got closer and closer and closer to the top. It felt like ages before we reached the top of the structure. I glared, and oh my the view, you could see for miles. You could see the entire park, and from up here it the people looked like a tiny ant colony. I soon began to feel gravity do it’s thing as the coaster fell forward for the 200 foot drop. I felt the wind wap against my face as we reached max speed of up to 75 mph. I felt myself go airborne for about 3 seconds and felt no motions  in my body. I heard my Dad do his usual whoop after the first drop because we both knew the worst part was done but there was far more to come. We descended towards another drop although this one was much smaller. There were multiple more twist and turns. I could still hear my Dad whooping and yelling and going crazy as if he were still a young teenage boy, but I allowed it this once. Throughout the rest of the ride I couldn’t help but think about Matthew, and what he missed, the ride of his life. Because like I said before you just don’t leave Hershey park without out riding something scary, or as me and my Dad call it Hershey Heart. You just don’t do that, cause you will never know when life will end so please make the best of it while it lasts.





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