Mammoth Falls

We were all waving our arms around yelling with joy as we slid down the big black tube in our raft. Then while we were moving around with excitement I heard one big loud “OUCH!”. I guess we were having too much fun.

It was the day of my brother’s birthday party and we were going to Lake Compounce. After we picked up a couple of my brothers friends we drove down to the park. Once we arrived we all decided that we wanted to go to the water park first. After we all changed into our bathing suits we looked around to see what we should do first. And then we saw it. It was a huge tube that looked almost as if it passed the clouds. The ride was called Mammoth Falls. It was a humongous enclosed tube in a raft that fit up to four people and there were four of us me, my brother, my brother’s friend, and my sister. I had seen this ride many times before as I had been to Lake Compounce multiple times before but every time there was one problem. There was always a sign that had one big red work on it. CLOSED. Thankfully though, this time it was opened and we were determined to go on it. The line was insanely long but we were willing to wait. As we waited and waited it seemed as the line was moving as slow as molasses.

Finally after 30 grueling minutes of standing and walking ahead we finally made it to the front of the line. We were at the top of the slide which seemed to be as tall as a skyscraper and we were jumping with excitement. As we walked up to the huge tube we looked inside. It was pitch black. It was like looking right into a black whole. Staring into the emptiness of the black. Of every inch of the big tube there wasn’t a single millimeter that wasn’t black. After we saw this our excitement was swept away like a seashell in a strong current.

“I don’t know if I want to do this anymore,” my sister said while we were waiting for our raft.

“We already waited through this entire line,” I told her. Although we were scared, we had to go. It was too late now.  Just a moment later our raft arrived and it was time to get inside it. We all hopped inside the raft and were not ready for what was going to happen. When we were all ready to go down the slide the worker running the slide came up to the raft and pushed us down. As the raft slid toward the tube we were swallowed whole by the darkness. For the first few seconds there was complete silence. Noone could see anything and no one said anything. Then out of nowhere we hear a little giggle. Then it turned into a laugh and within a couple of seconds all of us were laughing and screaming. We weren’t scared anymore, we were loving the ride. We all started waving our arms in the air yelling with excitement. This was the funnest ride I had ever been on. Then just as we were about to get louder we heard a big “OUCH!”. I knew it had come from one of us but I didn’t know who or what happened. It was silent for the rest of the ride.

After the ride was over I asked, “What happened?” I was weird how out of nowhere someone may have gotten hurt.

“Something bit my finger,” my brother’s friend responded. (I was surprised by this because the yell sounded like one of a girl.) Now that we knew what happened we wanted to know how it happened.

“I think it was the one who bit your finger,” said my sister shyly. “I felt something hit my teeth but I didn’t pay much attention to it,” she explained. So it turns out that after we had so much fun on a ride we were terrified to go on my brother’s friend got bitten by my sister. I guess you could say we had a little too much fun.

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