Rough Day



It was a gloomy Monday. I have just gotten out of school, I was having a great day. So I decided to go down to the field  to play some football. So I texted my dad and all he told me was ́ ́don ́t get hurt´´ I walked down the long road to the field and we arrived. I was on my team and the ball got booted in the gray sky. I ran to Zander and tackled him. Soon after they scored. It was our possession and they punted it to us and 2 plays in we fumbled it.  They picked it up. It was their ball. I lined up vs cam and the QB said “HIKE!” and everyone ran down the field and graham threw the ball to cam and I stripped the ball from him. He fumbled the ball. Sean dove for the ball and everyone dove on top of him. My brother threw and darted to Ian, despite the fact I was wide open. After a lob passed to me from my brother, I caught it, and Zander tackled me. I landed on my shoulder, I then got up and immediately felt the pain in my shoulder. I tried to move my shoulder, before I heard a loud crack. Although  my brother was 20 feet away, he heard the crack, So, I decided to walk to the bench and while I sat there. I began to text my dad and asked me. “ What happened?” I was scared, but also worried and disappointed in myself that I got injured. I didn’t even know what happened. As I waited for my dad to pick me up the pain was excruciating. By the time my dad arrived my shoulder was numb. He brought me to Orthofast in f airfield and they took an ultrasound and an x-ray. They told my dad and I, my shoulder was fractured and I would be out for six weeks. That marked the end of my hockey season. It was a very painful day, for a matter of fact a painful week. I finally got home and it was very tough to have a sling on my shoulder. It was very hard to do many things. For example I couldn’t really sit comfortably. I was pretty upset on that day because I was in pain and I was having it that day. I was in a lot of pain when I went to bed. I had to sleep upright for 4 weeks and that was god awful. I also couldn’t do any sport and the only thing I could really do was watch TV, play Xbox, and use my phone. The worst part about breaking my bone was how I had to sleep and how limited things I could do. That night was also hard once again. Mt shoulder was so much pain it felt like a lion biting me. I didn’t sleep a lot for a couple of weeks. At nights it felt like I was awake for hours. The pain got worse one day so I went back to the doctor.  And I had to take another X-ray and then they nice nurse walked me back to my room where my dad was waiting for me. After 5 minutes the doctor walked in and walked to the computer to pull up the x-ray. He looked at it for a second and explained to us that “it seemed to have broken and he also said that we couldn’t have done anything”. In my head I thought “That´s explains the pain” After that he continued out of the room, and we followed. He made another appointment at this desk outside of the room. My shoulder was in a lot of pain at that point. I proceeded to walk to the car and got into the front seat. For weeks from when i broke it it was getting better but some time would hurt and also really sore since I haven’t been using it a lot. In my mind I thought, “ this is gonna be a painful couple months”



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