Sisters take on the Big Apple

Anxiety was filling my body. A trip with my sisters, Emily and Jessica, Alone. Without my mom or dad. I wasn’t expecting to be worried about this trip. I breathe in and out trying to relax. The train was heading to New York. All the bad thoughts were filling my brain, what would happen if I got kidnapped, if my stuff got stolen, or even if I got murdered! I relax and boy and my eyes start to get heavier and heavier as if there were weights on my eyelids. And then I fall asleep… I woke up and time flew by. We were about 3 stops away from Grand Central. Moments go by until the speakers say “Grand Central is the next stop”.

   Me and my siblings pack our bags as fast as we can,we definitely did not want to miss our stop! The train doors opened and a woosh of cold air filled the train. We were in New York. We sprint out and open our phones trying to find Eatily, a restaurant we were planning to go to. I saw all the tall buildings and heard all the cars honking as we were walking, it felt like New York. It suddenly started to feel like Antarctica, I covered half of my face with my scarf. I was so precautious about myself and my backpack. I suddenly feel a touch on my backpack, I quickly turn around to see my siblings messing around with me,

“Come on! You’re so annoying!” I shout.

“Who do you think it was?” Jessica laughed.

“A random stranger of course!” I responded.

Jessica points at a sign,

“We’re here guys” Jessica said.

I walk in, I smell the fresh pizza and see the cooks and staff working. We ask for a table for three and head to our table. I sit down and feel my whole body relax, it was one of the best feelings after walking for a long time. Our waitress comes to our table “Are you ready to order?”. All three of us nod and order one pizza and pasta. 

“Jess, Where are we going after this?” I questioned.

“We’re gonna walk to Times Square and then go into some shops” Jess replied.

Before we knew it our food was ready and it looked so delicious. It smelt so fresh. I take one bite into heaven and another, and another until the slice is gone. 

“Oh my gosh that was so good, I would come here everyday if I could” I said.

“I know right! I’m definitely going to come here every time we come to New York ” Jess exclaimed.

Then the pasta was eaten by all three of us, we started to head out until we saw ice cream in the restaurant. We definitely needed some ice cream, we ordered one scoop of strawberry and one scoop of mango in a cone. I grabbed a spoon and scooped up the strawberry ice cream. It was so good, the mango icecream was so creamy and rich as well, nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. We actually headed out of the restaurant this time and walked to Times Square. I walk and walk until I see the big bright lights, a crowd of people, and big stores. We all run to our next location until we see a group of men wearing mostly red. They were putting out a show and needed as many people as they could to watch. Jess, Emily and I all laugh while the group does cool tricks and back flips. We watched and laughed till the show ended. For the next couple hours we walk into different stores buying little to nothing from each shop. It was time to find our subway to SoHo. SoHo was our number one priority, it had all the cute shops there. Before we head to our subway we go to Starbucks. I ordered a venti strawberry acai refresher with three scoops of strawberry and three scoops of dragon fruit blended, it was my personal favorite drink and I ordered it every time I went to Starbucks. 

    We rush to the subway and head to SoHo…

Woosh, the subway doors open and we are at our destination, I made sure I had everything with me and we headed out. Jess takes out her phone and puts in the location, Brandy Melville. We head back and forth all around SoHo, we could not find this store every turn we were told to take, took us to the wrong place. We walked and walked and the phone told us to go the opposite way over and over again. We have had enough and luckily there were multiple Brandy Melvilles around the area, we head to a different Brandy Melville.

 Finally we get to our location without getting frustrated. I bought a white cropped jacket that I have wanted for a long time. I pay and head out of the store, we head to our next location before heading to the subway, Chipotle. I get a bowl with white rice, chicken, guacamole, with cheese and wait for it to be eaten on the train. We head to the nearest subway and wait for it to come. We were very confused and this sketchy man decided to help us he wore a hat, sneakers probably from skechers, and a big jacket to keep him warm. He was a nice man just trying to help us get home, we next head to our second subway, the last subway until we headed onto the actual train home. There were more people on the subway this time and there was a homeless man asking for money.

“Feed the Homeless” He sang while walking to every person.

Next in line was me, I was his next victim. I pretended he was invisible. 

“Happy Christmas” He exclaimed even though it was 10 days after Christmas.

He headed onto his next victim until it was over and headed to the next section of the subway. 

Then the subway ride was over and we were at Grand Central, we rush to our train to get the best seats, the ones with three seats in a row facing each other. We finally made it to a good seat and relaxed. I eat my Chipotle I have been saving and then fell asleep.  

It’s been an hour and a half and we are at our stop, my mom is here to pick us up and we head back home.

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