Sunset Into Summer

The day had felt like it was getting longer. We had been in the car for what felt like forever. I just wanted to stand up, and get my lazy legs to loosen up. I wanted to be there, and for it to feel like summer. I watched out the window as the sun slowly rose. It was like a brightly colored watercolor painting, all of the colors complementing each other. I looked up ahead at the gps, it read 10 more minutes. So close I thought. I could feel the temperature getting slightly warmer as we drove on. I couldn’t wait to ride the huge waves, I could picture the waves waving in the sunlight. I glanced over at Adriana. She seemed happier than usual. I stared out her window at the great big ferris wheel. It was moving, but not very fast. It was like a sloth. I focused on the clouds up above. I could make them into all different shapes, and all sorts of things. I watched as the time on the gps got shorter and shorter. 

“Welp, were here!” Gianna spoke loudly, I could tell she was excited. Adriana and I glanced at each other and smiled. “Lets get unpacked, and go get some lunch.” Lunch sounded  good right now, my stomach felt so empty. We dropped off our bags, in gianna’s house, and followed her down the street to a small pizza place. We waited in line to order, and then found a small booth in the corner to place ourselves. 

“I’ll get us drinks” I said while I stood up. I grabbed three cups and filled them up to the top with coke, a little pouring out of the third one. I sat back down, and we all dug into the delicious long beach pizza. It was like heaven. We finished lunch, and headed back to the house to put on our suits. It wasn’t the best day for the beach, the clouds hung low in the sky making the water a little too cold for swimming, but we swam anyway. The day grew shorter, and it soon became dark. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow, it was going to be amazing, I could already tell.

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside of the window. I wasn’t sure what time I finally fell asleep, but I felt well rested. I read the time on my phone, 11:00. I sat up and climbed up the loft stairs to wake Gianna and Adriana up. I couldn’t wait for the day to begin. They sat up after my third time yelling their names, and I walked outside to help Kaitlyn with her bags. It was a surprise that she had come, a good surprise. 

We all got dressed, and grabbed the bikes from the garage, we biked down the street to the nearby bagel shop. There, we filled our stomachs with delicious food once again.  After eating we biked down the boardwalk. We didn’t end up biking for long, it was hot, humid and sunny out. 

“Let’s go swimming!” Gianna suggested, we all agreed, and dropped the bikes at the house, and walked down to the beach. It was perfect weather for a beach day. It made up for the cloudy skies yesterday. I dropped my towel on the sand to mark a spot, and ran towards the water. It was like the ocean was calling me. I dove in. The water, not too hot, not too cold, perfect. We spent the rest of the day body surfing the huge waves, and sunbathing in the warmth of the sun. I couldn’t see the color of the sun, the light from it was too bright, but I knew it was a beautiful sunflower colored ball of brightness. A ball of brightness that burns (ahh) my arms hurt, they looked like tomatoes. We decided to call it a day. We walked home slower than this morning, but still with smiles on our faces. 

We took showers to get the seaweed to leave our bathing suits, from a day of swimming around in the ocean, and walked down to the pizza pace once again. Although we had had it yesterday, I wasn’t complaining about having it again, it was delicious. We filled our stomachs once again, and stopped by the nearby gas station for candy. I grabbed a small bag of gummy worms, and a kit kat, and was on my way. Kaitlyn had bought her candy too, so we had decided to meet Adriana and Gianna at the beach. 

The weather was perfect. A slight breeze made the hot summer evening a little more bearable. And the sun just setting made my newly sunburnt arms burn just a little less. My hair was put up in a loose low bun, and I was dressed in a red white and blue tank. I glanced over at Kaitlyn who was carrying the bag full of candy, that we were unable to eat quite yet. Our stomachs, still full of pizza. 

“What time are the fireworks tonight?” Kaitlyn spoke, breaking the silence.

“Not sure.” I answered. I knew that there would be fireworks tonight for the Fourth of July, just not quite when. I watched the sun set as I walked towards the water line. I could see Adriana and Gianna not far behind us. This whole place made me happy. I took off my shoes where the sidewalk met the sand, and could feel them burning from the leftover heat on the sand from the bright sun that was fading into darkness. Adriana and Gianna caught up with us, and we found a nice place at the top of the beach to sit. 

“It’s beautiful,” Adriana whispered. I followed her gaze towards the pastel colored sunset. It truly was beautiful. I couldn’t feel it until now, but finally after weeks in, it had felt like summer.

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