The big game

I was sitting in the very back of my mom’s brand new car about halfway to the game with my basketball under my left arm and by basketball shoes in my right arm. With my headphones in and just thinking about the basketball season so far as we went 28 and 2 and one of our two losses were to this Fairfield team that did not lose a game throughout the regular season and the playoffs. And they had this one kid who could shoot from anywhere on the court. As I was opening my eyes my mom pulled on the steering wheel to go left and ¨smash¨ we hit a car on the side of the road avoiding a deer. ¨Is everyone ok¨ my mom says to my brother and me and we both reply ¨ya¨. As she opens the driver seat door to go see how much damage was done, we see two more baby deer run across the road to meet up with the deer we almost hit. There is a very elderly woman who walks out of the house in a robe as if she just woke up from a nap. My mom quickly retains her focus and opens the door and goes to talk to the lady as me and my brother sit in the car. As she comes back Christian says ¨we’re going to be late for are game¨, ¨that’s why dad is coming now to come and pick you up and I’ll deal with this mess¨

My dad pulls up with is a sister in the truck with him 

I walk over to my sister’s window, and she rolls it down

¨Sam, I thought you had practice¨ I said

¨I did but we had to pick up you guys and drop you off at your game and we would have never made it in time anyway¨Sam said as she was opening the passenger seat door

 As I open the back door I quickly remember to go say goodbye to my mom. Quickly running over to my mom and giving her a big hug from behind as she’s talking to the lady who owned the car.

“You better win this game for me,” she says

“I promise,” I say as I’m turning my shoulder to run back to the truck that my dad, sister, and brother were all sitting quietly waiting for me to come back.

I slam the door and my dad quickly steps on the gas and it only takes about 15 minutes to get there because my dad was driving like a namesake all around the road to try and get us there before game time. One of the dads of are players are standing by the doors of Madison 

High school is looking for us as we are pulling up to the parking lot. We quickly swing the doors open even though we’re not parked yet. Wind flies in like we’re in the middle of a tornado. The dad quickly shouts out “ Hurry, they are getting the starting lineup announced.” We run as fast as we can to the doors.

“Hey, win this game,” he says

“We will” Christian quickly says as we run into the doors and down the halls of the school. As we reach a dead-end at the end of the school’s hallway, Christian and I just look at each other and quickly run down the hall.

I say” Christian, I look to the left and you look to the right”

“Ok” Christian replies

After about 15 seconds of running 

Christian says “here he’s the gym”

We run into the gym quickly as the door sounds like a truck honking at a car in front of it. Everyone just stares at us as we quickly walk over to the bench and sit down with the remaining teammates that have not been called up. Billy are coach says “Ian, Christian come over here, we’ve delayed for about 5 minutes” As he laughs. We both get up still tired after running down the hallway of the school. We both walked out to the center of the floor with are coach, where all are teammates, were standing after they were introduced. After that, they played the National Anthem and both teams went back to their benches and we started the game.

The game is back and forth, all throughout the first half. And then at the start of the third quarter, they start to pull away and now before you know we were down by 10. Then I get the ball in the corner and throw up a three and I get fouled and make the free throw, making the crowd go crazy. Everyone on their feet. My first basket of the game and I was finally ready to take over. The next possession I got the ball again and drove by my guy for an easy layup. Now only a 4 point game and the third quarter bell rings. During the huddle, he drew a play up to get me open for a wide-open cut to the basket. Minutes went by as it was now a tie game again after they got a wide open layup after the inbounds pass. They started to double team me because at the start of the 4th quarter I had 12 strat points without a miss. Now with thirty second left, tie game my team trying to get me open Alex pulls up for a three as the shot clock is winding down and I immediately see off his hands that it is short so I run in like Usan Bolt and grabbed the rebound and put it up with a foul.On the free throw line with 12 seconds left. All I was thinking was if i make them both and play good defence we win. The other coach called a time out to try and throw me off. As i’m walking to the bench I saw my mom walk in with my aunt Beth, so she gave her a ride so she could see the end of it. My coach draws a play in the huddle for defence but i’m not looking, all i’m thinking about was my mom and those free throws that I was about to shoot. As I step on the line I look up at the scoreboard, sweat dripping off my face like I just stepped out of a pool. The ref throws me the ball and I shoot it and make the first one. I hi five of my teammates and stepped right on the freethrow line and made the second. They quickly inbounds the ball to try and catch us off guard, their point guard runs down the court and shoots a three but misses but the ball bounces right back to one of their layers and they hold the ball for the last shot. 

They pass the ball to their guard and he just dribbles the ball until 5,4,3 and starts to call for a screen as he comes around it and the ball goes around the rim twice and get out. Were jumping up and down.

“Lets go” Christian yells as he hugs me

“Finally” I yell

All are fans storm the court to celebrate with us and Christian and I run to are mom and dad and sister to give them hugs. After that we realize that no matter what happens, you can get past it. Also always stay positive.     

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