The Day I Had A Super Power

It was all I ever wanted. But I needed to be Careful or I could die.  I put on my wet suit and my tank and my mask and checked everything once it was all on and I checked that everything was correct. I got on the side of the boat and slipped of backward. The water swallowed me as I went in. I popped right up and moved away from the boat, letting my brother and dad get in. The water was as clear as glass and  you could smell the salt rising from the water…

Once my brother and dad got in we started to descend. I took long breaths remembering what I was taught. Once on the bottom we started to swim. I looked all around only to find more and more water. The light sparked in the water like stars on dark nights. We swam all around, amazed by all the animals and plants. There was sand that was as soft as a puppy’s fur, seaweed that danced with a dark green hue, and sea urchins that suck you in with their incredible purple,and finish of all colors imaginable dancing around with each other.

We followed our compass going deeper and deeper until we arrived. I looked in awe as we reached a rock wall with a hole in it. It was a large cave underwater. We started to swim in being careful of our gear. The cave ate the light as we swam making it darker and darker. We turned on our flashlights and let the light lead our way.

Once we got out we started to swim back. We swam through the jungles of seaweed and over the deserts of sand and over the cities of fish and through the crystal clear water.

We made our depressing ascent knowing this dream would soon be over. The light blinded us as we popped out of the water. We were under for over an hour and it felt like seconds. We got our stuff out with sadness that it was over and rode back to the main land in sadness that we were done and put our wet gear away with sadness because we were done. But excited that we got this incredible experience. 

We rode back home in silence wondering if what just happened and if it was just a dream. But then we laughed and smiled and wondered when we could do it again. 

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