The Island Trip

I wake up and it’s still dark out I get out of bed so quiet trying not to wake anyone up. It was hard to wake up cause I’m so used to waking up at 11:00  which is 6:00 I get ready and I slowly open up the door.

Once I’m out of my house I split across my lawn. It’s already started getting light outside so I needed to get away from my house as soon as possible. In Block Island everyone usually is up at 7:00 and all downtown so I was expecting a lot of people. 

I get on the main road and I see my friend. I go and see him we go to the deli that I always go to. We make plans to see each other after I go to the beach and do things with my sister. We finished eating and said goodbye. 

I walked back home and ran inside. My family is all up and is getting ready to go to the beach. I go back to my room, my mom comes in and asks me where I went. I told her how I went to see my friend. She didn’t get mad because I know the whole island and how to get anywhere because I’ve been going there my whole life. 

We get all packed up and my cousin and I walk to the beach from my house because everything is really close. Once we get to the beach my family sets their stuff up. My cousin sister and I all walk down to mansion beach where the waves are bigger and many people aren’t there. We set the stuff up and sprint into the water. 

I look over and see all my friends there all surfing. I looked at my sister to tell her I’m gonna go love her but she was getting slammed by huge waves so I just left her. I go over we say hi and I meet new people who live on the Island. We all talk then they decide I should try to surf. I got in and a huge wave was coming so I got prepared to stand up then it finally got to me and I fell right off of it. 

A bunch of waves started slamming over me I couldnt get up. Then my friend tried to help but he also started getting slammed by them. The waves started to calm down where I could finally catch my breath. I get out of the water and walk towards my sister to see if she’s still in the water she was laying on her towel asleep. I walked over to the concession stand and got some food. By the time I got back my sister was so burnt. I tried to wake her up but she didn’t so I just ate my food. Once she woke up it was an hour later she was so burnt. We decided to go back home and then go out. 

We walked back home and my mom and family were there and they were getting ready to go out. My sister cousin and I are all getting ready. The sun was going down and we decided we should go to one of our favorite restaurants. My family already left so we just walked down to one of the restaurants. We got to the restaurant and so are friends we all had dinner then decided to go to the beach we walked down to the outside movie that was there.

We walked into the concession stand there were these two guys and meatballs all over the room. Me and my sister looked at eachother and told the guys we had to go. We walked out and started dying laughing. It was the weirdest thing ever. We walk back downtown and the guys follow us. We got really annoyed but then one of them asked to get ice cream so we did. After that we just kinda walked downtown and walked on the jedi. It was already like 11 at night so we decided to just go back home.

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