Oh god, now I need to find a place to hide the body, Lito help me! I whispered. No, you the one who killed him he shouted back shhhhh, and I didn’t kill him he was dead when I found him I whispered how did he die anyway? he asked I’ll tell you later but help me hide the body first.

When I first got my fish, of course I knew that it wouldn’t last that long, but I honestly didn’t think that it would die in 3 days. I remember that day, like it was yesterday, well because it almost was, it was in the summer and I was really bored, until one day my family goes out to eat. We were heading to this hispanic restaurant until, I ask my dad can we have a dog? and of course he says no, I then ask Daddy, can we have a cat, and of course he says no, AGAIN. And finally I ask then can i have a fish he pauses a moment, as if he is really thinking about the question that I asked him, and he says maybe later on what seemed to be hours of begging, we finally get out of the car. Weird thing happens and next thing you know a dead fish literally fell out of the car. I asked my dad 1 question Now? We went to the pet store the weekend after that, and that was honestly the highlight of having a pet fish, getting to see all of the other animals that I couldn’t have because according to my father i’m too irresponsible (probably because my fish died in 3 days). I got my fish and my brother got one too. He picked out this beautiful red orange and yellow fish that shines like the sun, so I told him to name it sunshine, (he did) I got this blueish purple fish that looked mysterious it was as if it was the night sky, so I named mine moonlight. My first day of having my fish was a blast, I was so excited. For some reason, I was going to feed it and play with it or whatever you do with fish, honestly looking back at it, it was a horrible idea, like what do people even do with fish other than feed it and clean its tank out. It’s like a child, you give it food, water, a place to live, and what do you get back? Nothing, at least you love your child, a fish can’t even love you back, he couldn’t even do any tricks or anything. So, I waited, and waited, and waited until he died. Which wasn’t even that long to be honest, it was about 3 days, and the fact that I fed him too much or didn’t clean his tank might have contributed to that. So after making my fish suffer 3 days of me being the owner of her, moonlight got tired, and honestly said i’m out. I found my fish atop my desk waiting for its 7th meal of the day, and i saw it floating, at first i thought that it was playing dead or something because i’m such a wonderful fish trainer, but it was dead. I had no idea what to do,I was panicking on what my mom would do, what my dad would say, and who my brother would tell. So, I stabbed it. I can explain, it was by accident I was checking to see if my fish was dead. So, I took a pencil and investigated the crime scene for any evidence that it wasn’t my fault for his death. So I poked it, and its whole body just fell apart. I didn’t know what to do, I told my brother, and that didn’t go very well. My brother told my parents and I got in trouble, they made me dig up the dead fish again. Moral of the story, when you stab a dead fish with a pencil, don’t ask your brother to help hide the body. Also, feed your fish.

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