The Walk off

It was the championship game and we just came off a win against the same team 7-3. We were playing New cannon. They were favored to win the tournament coming into it and we could see why. Their team was pretty good with all talented kids.There best player who was going to pitch this second championship game would actually end up becoming my teammate later on. 


So when we got to the field where all the championship games were held in Danbury, there was very little parking and when we got there, there was a game going on with younger kids so we had to wait to start. When our whole team had arrived we went out to left field and talked about our game plan. The commissioner of the league came over and told us that we could start taking batting practice after the other team finished because they had already gone in there. The game before us ended by a kinda close game 4-6 but the team that lost was quite devastated that some kids were crying. They were forced to do the ceremony off to the side of the field because they went so long.


We finally started making our way over to the field when they got a chance to leave the field. The dugout was an absolute mess like a bomb shell had just gone off. There was gum everywhere and bottles and you could barely sit anywhere. We had to go in the visitors dugout which was like an extra 2 minute walk just to get over there because it was near nowhere. So we went out into the outfield and started stretching because the other team was still hitting. “Lets go boys, you ready?” One of our coaches asked us. “Flip yea, one of my teammates replied.” I was pitching so I did a little bit more stretching then everyone else and was throwing for much longer too.”Finally, they are actually done hitting.” My brother blurted out. “Lets go dad we can go use the cage.” Cam said. “Wait till you guys are done stretching and then we will go over there.” By the time I was done throwing and went into the dugout to get my gear for hitting my team had already been over there for like 7 minutes by then. “How you doin bud?” Another coach said to me as I walked past.” Good, ready to get this win.” I replied confidently. I was looking forward to going over to the cage very much but I also didn’t want to go all the way over there through the parking lot around the bleachers and around the massive line to the concession stand.

My team had set up a line to the batting cage and everyone was waiting to go. Thankfully when I got there we were going by batting order. I always hit second so they had skipped my spot so when I got there the coach let me skip the line so I could hit and then rest in the dugout till game time. I hit well in the cage but I did not foresee how good I would hit in the game.


When game time swung around we had the rare three umpires. We usually have two but since it was the championship game they added one. New Cannon was the home team the first game so that means we got to be the home team for this game. Then when the umpires were all on the field the announcers called each player by the batting order each coach gave them. They had much more fans then we had at this game for some reason although we usually have a ton of fans. When the announcers had finished calling us out they did the national anthem and a moment of silence. “Play ball” the announcer said into the mic. So we went back to the dugout and the other team grabbed their stuff and took the field. Their pitcher was throwing not that hard but hard enough to say he was throwing hard. “How’s he throwing?” Everyone was asking me as I frantically searched through my bag for my helmet and batting gloves like a grandma who has just lost her glasses.


You could just tell walking past all my teammates that they were nervous but not me, no I was ready. I love staring challenges in the face. Also I was used to these moments because I had been on the big stage and have been put on the hot seat before.


Then the catcher threw the last warmup pitch down to second base, and I could just smell the air change, the crowd was going crazy and both benches were going crazy banging on the fences and just making as much noise as possible. “Strike” the umpire yelled as the first strike of the game was taken and there fans cheered. I was swinging in the on deck circle and could not wait to get up, but made sure to not let the moment get to me. “Bang” the ball went off of our lead off hitters bat. “Ahh” or side of the bench went after he lined out to the second baseman.


Now I was up and I was ready I got the signs from the coach and then I stepped in the batter’s box. “Hhh” I took a deep breath, then bang off the bat the ball went right into the left center gap and to the fence in a second for a double, and I was hyped up and the crowd was louder then they have ever been before. Then my brother was up, he got a single and all of a sudden we are up one nothing when I came around to score. But that would be all we get that inning because we went down in order after that. So when the inning ended I was the first one out the dugout ready to go. I slowly jogged out there with a chip on my shoulder because I knew that we would win this game if I could throw strikes. 


The first inning was the worst inning I would throw that inning because of course I wanted to throw a strike but I didn’t so I walked the first hitter and then there was an error and then a hit and all of a sudden the game was tied 1-1. The game was super quick after that with me shutting them down pitching. The problem was that we couldn’t get anything going either, we had a couple kids on each inning but we could never string hits together and score another run.It was like 8;30 at this point and we had just got the last out of the game. “Flip” I yelled because I knew that now we would have to go to overtime. So we went out there and held them to no runs in the first inning of overtime. Our coaches called us in and said to all of us “lets go guys we got the heart of our order coming up and let’s win this game and get those trophies.” So I went got my stuff on and went to go swing in the on deck circle. When they finished their warmups I walked over to the plate, made sure to take a deep breath and after I did that it seemed to slow everything down. The kid who was pitching has been pitching for the entire game and was clearly getting tired. I knew that I was feeling it because that game I was 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and a single. But I also knew that I had to get on base any way that I could and get the inning going. Something that I also knew was that they were going to pitch me low because they thought that I could not hit the low pitches which was quite wrong. So After the coach gave me the swing away sign I put my right foot in the box took a deep breath and then tapped the plate with my bat put my left foot in and then swung my bat around three times with my left hand and then got into my hitting stance. Then the pitcher got his sign got ready then lifted his leg, I saw that ball going low and in and I swung, “Bang” the ball went off the bat and souring into deep center and “bamb” right off the center field scoreboard and leaves a massive dent. And I was just as amazed as a moose that just found a massive piece of bread. I ran around the bases and was insanely happy.   


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