We Were Supposed To Be Happy

I stood in my front yard crying with my brother Lochlan and my cousin Stori, while an ambulance took my three year old brother Bode and my parents away…


It was the first day of the fireman’s festival, almost the end of summer, and my little brother bode was driving around in a new police car (one of these electric cars made for little kids that they can dive) that me, my mom, and my other brother Lochlan had spent hours building for him while he was napping. He was so excited. He was driving it all around our yard and driveway. 


My aunt and Stori got to our house because we were going to take them to the festival. My mom went to get ready and take a shower and so me, Stori, Lochlan, my dad, and my aunt were just standing in the driveway talking and watching Bode drive around.


Suddenly Bode stopped, and started making this really weird sound and then started shaking. My dad, in panic, picked him up and he went limp. My dad rushed inside and we all followed him. When he got inside he yelled for my mom. She came running out of the bathroom screaming. They laid him down on the floor and did multiple figersweeps to see if he was choking. He wasn’t. 


My mom and dad told me, Lochlan, and Stori to go outside, but I could not move, like a deer in headlights. I was terrified, sobbing, hyperventilating. Stori and Lochlan were trying to calm me down but they couldn’t, nothing could. There were so many things going on in my head, what is happening, is he going to be ok?


The ambulance got to the house and my parents carried Bode, still unconscious, over to the back of the ambiance and the first responders put him in the stretcher and checked his pulse and things like that. The first responders said that Bode had a seizure. He was slowly starting to gain consciousness. 

My parents got in the ambulance to go to the hospital. I ran up to the ambulance and asked my mom,


“Is he going to be ok?”

“You know Charlotte, i don’t really know if he is going to be ok” 

The ambulance drove away. I stood there. I was terrified, was one of my favorite people in the world going to be ok, i had no way of knowing. It was like my whole world was crumbling at my feet.


As you can probably guess we did not go to the carnival. Me, Stori, Lochlan, and my aunt stayed home until we could go to the hospital. 


We got to the hospital and my dad took us up to Bodes room. When we walked in he was asleep. The doctors did not see anything wrong with him and said this happens a lot with little kids. 


Eventually we went home and Stori and my aunt went to stay at my grandpas house, which was in the town next to ours, we all went to sleep and everything was fine, that’s what i thought. 


But then at 12:05 i woke up to my mom saying to my dad,


“Call the ambulance!”


So the police came to our house again. And while my dad was calling my aunt and Stori to come over so my parents could go to the hospital and so they could sleep there, my mom was helping the first responders with Bode.

I was crying and Stori was trying to calm me down. Lochlan was still asleep so me and Stori just laid in my parents bed. I was so confused, why was this happening to Bode? Why couldn’t it just have been me. I just want him to be okay. I just lay there waiting for the phone to ring, for my parents to tell me he was okay.

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