Day 5

Day 5 

The first-week online school has ended and I don’t really know how to feel, I mean being home and having to do work is hard because you have to motivated and also have to stay focus. The online work hasn’t been too stressful yet and I am excited to see how this works out, hopefully, I don’t get pilled on with work and start to fall behind but I’m doing pretty good thus far. I miss being at school and seeing all my teachers and friends. I really do hope that we go back this year I don’t want the school to be closed for the rest of the year. I haven’t been too bored in quarantine I have been keeping myself occupied by playing Xbox and playing basketball outside when it’s nice. The online school is giving me something to do because most of the time I’m pretty bored or I just end up doing the same thing. My sleep schedule has been really messed up scene school closed and I need to get back into the routine. I’m sad that we might not have 8th-grade graduation but I feel especially bad for the seniors because they don’t get to have graduation and prom and fun things like that. Also, I was looking forward to the 6 flag trip at the end of the year and it just stinks that it got canceled. I was looking forward to the trip since 6th grade and it just gets canceled like that, I mean there is absolutely nothing I can do and it was the right decision to close the school down to prevent this virus to stop spreading like a wildfire. I just want this whole thing to be done with already and I can see my friends again and go back to school.

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