Distance Learning 3/26/2020

I was looking forward to watching the UEFA Euro 2020 this summer as in 2016 my favorite international team, Portugal won it. I was looking forward to seeing if they could win it again but sadly the Euro is postponed to next year. If you aren’t familiar with what the Euro is a tournament just like the world cup but the teams are all exclusively from Europe. And as in the World Cup the teams compete for a trophy. Except this time it isn’t the World Cup trophy, it’s the Euro trophy. Last Euro Portugal made it to the finals to play France, one of the most talented teams in the world. Portugal was not as good and were definitely the underdogs. Most of the Portugal team aren’t some of the best in the world but they had one player that made all the difference. They had Cristiano Ronaldo. So the final began, and it was tight for a while until the ball got to Ronaldo and he got taken down. He was hurt bad, and looked like he wouldn’t be able to play, but he kept playing. He chased the ball and kept running for about 5 more minutes until he couldn’t move any more. He gave up. He was injured. He came off the field and left it up to the rest of the team to win the game. France started to get chance after chance but Portugal made all the saves they had to. There was some lucky time when a strong shot from France just barely hit the crossbar but Portugal stayed in it. They brought the game to extra time with the score 0-0. It was close the whole way until in the dying moments of the game Portugal’s substitution striker Eder got the ball. He cut past one defender, then another and took a shot from just outside the 18. The ball glided across the floor and went perfectly in the bottom left corner just where the France goalkeeper couldn’t get it. He had put Portugal in the lead and in a couple minutes the game was over. Portugal had won 1-0 against France while missing their star player. It was an amazing game to watch and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2021.

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