Distance Learning Day 1

I feel like I haven’t been at school in weeks! This week has gone by very slowly, and it has been pretty boring. It is annoying not being able to go near anyone because I miss my friends, and being at school. Even though I miss being at school, I also love being able to sleep in. I hope this virus goes away soon because I am ready for real life to start again. Luckily, everyone in my family is healthy at the moment. I was just recently on a airplane so I could come down with something soon. At the moment my family and I feel great and we are just trying to get through this whole thing and pray that life will soon be back to normal.

Although I have been getting very bored, I did surprisingly have a fun week. I went on many hikes all around CT. When we went to drop our skis off, we went on a very nice hike near the ski place. It was over an hour hike, which we did not expect but it was very fun. We got to climb to the top of a tower to see the view once we got to the top of the hike. The first day we had off my family and I went on a hike in Fairfield. The next day they closed down the park because of Corona which stinks because it is a very nice place to bring my dog on a hike. Besides all of our family hiking, I have been going on walks and I have gone on a few runs. I only have been running a few miles each day though, I am trying to ease back into sports after this mini break. I am sad because my soccer season is pushed back later now. I don’t even know if we will get to have the season which would be awful because soccer is by far my favorite sport. The other day my dad brought my sister and I to the tennis courts right by HKMS to play soccer tennis. We have played it a few times on this break so far, which is great because it is getting me back to playing soccer. 

It has been pretty hot outside lately which is great. I have gone on many bike rides with my sister which is very nice. I have a very good neighborhood to bike ride so we like to go whenever we can. I have convinced my family to go on walks together with our dog. Although, today we can’t do anything outside because it is snowing. I am planning on running on the treadmill so I still get my exercise in for the day.

I was in Utah skiing when I figured out that we will have no school until farther notice. I was very surprised because Corona wasn’t yet even near Easton, but it is better to be safe for sure. I am nervous about the virus because I am a big germophobe as it is. So, I have been washing my hands a million times  day! It has gotten to the point where I have made them bleed.  I am very curious if we will go back to school this year, but I guess we just have to live in the moment and wait and see.

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