Distance Learning Day 1

For some reason this just feels like a long break. Like we’re having winter break again. And the snow certainly adds to that feeling. But it hasn’t really hit me that we are essentially being homeschooled, even though I’m doing classwork. It just feels… normal. Like we’re all stuck in an eternal weekend and soon everyone’s going to snap out of it and it will be like nothing ever happened. Like the time away was nothing but a fever dream. I’ve still managed to talk to my friends quite often and I’m waiting for the day where I can actually see them. Face to face. I’ve also been getting more exercise (Although I’m pretty sure eating ramen for breakfast cancels that out) and almost daily my mom and I will take our little old dog, who’s in desperate need for something other than sitting, and walk up Old Stonewall and back. We’ve also managed to walk up Maple to see a farm up the hill. As tedious as this past week has been, there are some… silver linings I guess you could call them. I spend much more time with my older brother now and (In my opinion) we’ve become much closer. Now instead of short conversations while he’s getting food before playing video games, it’s a good banter. We tease each other and laugh and we now apologize quickly and sincerely if (and when) one of us gets frustrated and shows it incorrectly instead of letting it stew. Of course there are still times when I’ll say nothing but a few words (I can be a very quiet person when I want to be) but those are few and far between. I’ve been able to practice my instruments more and, thanks to technology, I can still have my weekly lessons. I definitely missed my flute teacher, Mary. But that’s only natural. She’s known me for six or seven years now and has been a major influence on my life as I grew up. And (sadly enough this is probably the thing I’m happiest about) I’ve managed to get to season 13 of Supernatural, a 15 season show that I’ve been interested in. But even though there are some good things to this isolation, I can’t wait to get back into school and see my friends and teachers again.

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