Distance Learning Day 1

Everything that is going on right now feels so surreal. It’s crazy to think that we were all laughing it off and joking around about this before, but now it is declared a national emergency and there are thousands and thousands of cases everyday. It tears me apart knowing that people are dying from this virus. None of us have experienced something like this and the whole world is on pause. This gives me such a new perspective on life and I appreciate waking up every morning so much more. This also makes me appreciate going to school. With no school, I have been bored out of my mind and all i wanted to do was go back.

During my break so far, I tried to be as productive as possible and stick to my normal routines. I have been sleeping in on some days, which is very much needed but other than that, my routine is pretty much the same. Once I wake up and have breakfast, I go outside and chill with my sisters and go on the trampoline and play fun games with them. Such as, badminton, basketball, and walking around. I then usually watch tv and facetime/text friends and catch up on each other’s lives. I also run outside or inside, depending on the weather to stay active. Things that I have been doing alot after this break began was deep cleaning every room in my house. The thought of cleaning just satisfies me so much, I do it for fun. I am so busy on school days, so this gives me the opportunity to clean as much as I want. And let me tell you, my parents are very happy with it. 

I haven’t been out of the house much, but the only time I have was to go grocery shopping last week. We went to every grocery store I could think of! There were so many people in each store and everything was sold out. It was crazy to me. I have never seen that many in a grocery store with that many empty shelves. It was literally as if I was in a dream. I still cannot find any of this real. It also is very sad to hear and see all of these statistics and numbers everywhere. Every social media app that I go on to, has some sort of statement about the corona virus whether I am on Tik Tok, or Snapchat. It is crazy to think that this virus has taken over our nation this much and this fast. 

Although I am stuck at home everyday, I do not only want to look at this break in a negative way. And although this is a weird and unprecedented time, I want to find lots of ways to make this a memorable and rewarding experience that will make me a better human being. This will be an  interesting ride that will ultimately have bumps along the way, but I want to make the most of it as much as possible. My view of this is that everything happens for a reason, and hopefully everything will turn out for the better. All we can do now is hope and pray that this crisis will come to an end.


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