Distance Learning Day 1

I haven’t been doing much over the last week besides playing video games and beating my brother in basketball outside and inside. But I have also been leaving the house three times a week for the last 2 weeks and the next 8, because I have to go to a place in Fairfield for physical therapy for my ankle which has really not been fun and a real struggle. But it is slowly getting better and I am now off crutches as of a few days ago. But I am still trying to slowly get back in the swing of things like doing some little moving basketball and doing some small exercises to help it strengthen. Besides that though me and my family just started a really big puzzle to keep us busy and it is so hard. It has over 3000 pieces and we are trying our best to solve it. Like you, my parents went shopping a couple days ago and spent money on groceries before they are all gone and to keep us from leaving the house as much as possible. To be honest I would much rather be in school and see all my friends and teachers than sit home all day and do this instead. I hope that this virus goes away quickly and we can go back to school and hope that all our families stay safe. I have also been taking care of all my pets more now cause I have more time to. But I also just can’t believe the weather like just a couple days ago it was like 60 degrees out and now on Monday it’s snowing like I just don’t get it, I thought winter was done, but i guess not. I’m glad we started doing this just to keep me busy and to keep all our brains from rotting.I also went to Helen Keller on the soccer field out front and played catch with my family and saw that they put the new hoops up on the outdoor court so hopefully we will be able to use those soon. Also I have seen so many bad movies on TV it’s almost bothersome cause you can’t watch anything else cause obviously all sports were cancelled besides like bowling and I am not a big fan of that. 

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