Distance Learning Day 1

These last ten days have felt sorta weird. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve gotten a full eight hours or more of sleep every night because there are no sports or because of the minimal social interaction. Now that I think of it, it’s probably both. The other day I felt bored for the first time in a very long time and to be quite honest, I kinda liked it. I looked outside and saw what a beautiful day it was outside so I decided to get out of my sweat pants and hang out clothes and to go for a run. Forgetting that I live on lots of hills I ran for three and a half miles. Not one step of that run was easy, it all hurt. However pain is temporary, but if I give up it will last forever. That’s what propelled me to keep climbing what felt like ski mountains.

The next morning I had a lazy day not by choice but because I couldn’t feel my body from the hips down all because of my grueling “jog”. I hadn’t felt sore in a while because of my break from swimming and it reminded me of those fun early mornings up before the sun, happily hopping into that freezing cold pool, my coaches loud and terrifying voice at 6:30 in the morning. Although I wine and complain about swimming just about every single day and I sometimes wish my coach would not show up to practice I love the sport.

My final swim meet was canceled because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. As you can imagine I was upset because a lot of hard work had gone into that season considering that I practiced 12-14 hours a week. But as my coach always says, “Swimming is a journey; it doesn’t matter what your destination is. It’s how you get there.” This is just all part of the journey. Although I’m hoping that the Long Course, or Spring and Summer season, will not be cut short.

The Coronavirus has changed our world in a lot of ways. Most are unfortunate but I heard that there are moose sightings in major cities and Dolphins in Venice, Italy. Although this virus has taken a lot from us I think it’s amazing what the nature will do when humans don’t interfere as much

That’s it for day 1. Much more is on my mind but I should pace myself.

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