Distance Learning Day 1

I personally think it’s crazy how much this virus has impacted our country alone to be under quarantine. I never thought that a virus could be so harmful to the point where schools close for weeks. I hope things get better soon so that my peers are safe and healthier.

Over this small break, I’ve cleaned my room, hung up posters, skated in my driveway, played basketball with my dad and brother, boxed, and played video games. The thing that I’ve done more than anything else, is sleep in. I usually never get enough sleep, but last week I was able to. When I got the announcement that school was being cancelled, I thought that I was going to be so active and workout and eat healthy everyday. But in reality did that happen, no.

Even though the break is relaxing, I still miss my friends and the presence of others. Lets just say staying home 24/7 is not always as relaxing as it may seem. The whole break seems like it was a whole “brain break”.

I am excited yet still nervous to see how distance learning works for me. Right now I find it to be going very well. Even if I like distance learning and it works out well for me, I need to remember the terrible reason we are doing it. 

I feel bad for the seniors in highschool, because everything is probably canceled for them, such as prom, sports events, parties, school plays, ect. 

I hope all of this is over soon because I need to get out of my house. 

Apparently there is a medical drug used to help treat the corona virus. Normally the drug is used for malaria, but it has also been tested on people with corona and it worked. I help this drug saves not just our country, but the world as well. 

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