Distance Learning Day 1

Day 1: Well I haven’t really been doing too much but I have gone for many hikes, bike rides, and I also deep cleaned my whole room, along with choreographing some dances so I don’t become bad at dancing by the end of this. I went to Barnes and nobles a few days ago (being conscious of germs of course) and bought two new books that my older sister had recommended for me. The two books were Alex Rider, because it seemed like a good book to read that wasn’t too hard because I had just finished a hard book. And the second book I got was Throne of glass because my sister told me it was her favorite book series.  I have also been spending a lot of time with my sister Bianca because she is home from college for awhile and also doing online class with me right now. I have also been waking up at a decent time at around 9-9:30 because my parents refuse to let me sleep in too late. Yesterday was Sunday, so my family and I watched our church service at home and nobody has really left the house these past few days. I have watched a few movies by myself and I have also tried to kill some time by organizing my room and getting rid of a bunch of clothes that I don’t need. I went on a few bike rides all around Easton and I have gone on a lot of hikes with my family. The other night my dad and I started a game of chess, so my family has been trying to play some games together so we spend more time together and not all in our rooms. Now that it is snowing, I don’t see myself going for a bike ride today but i can figure out what to do with myself for the time being.

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