Distance Learning Day 1 Writing

Wow. What a week it was, filled to the brim with nothingness. I did absolutely nothing, and felt empty. I miss my friends, and going to school. School brings meaning to my life, considering I don’t do anything else, besides gymnastics. I also miss Gymnastics. It was my way of releasing all of my energy and having fun, and exercising at the same time. School made me think, and made me use my brain. I like to use my brain. I tried to do some of the stuff that was recommended, but it just wasn’t the same. The joy of talking and socializing with my peers was gone, and listening to the teachers, and everything else about school, gone.

The only thing I really was able to do over this time was use technology, and go outside. I went outside quite a bit, and played frisbee with my dad and sister, and jumped on my trampoline. I also used my computer a lot. I just wish my friends had used their computers more, because none of them were online. One thing that I did try was cooking, and I am not too bad at it. It really isn’t that hard, it just requires patience and effort. I did enjoy this short break though, because I got to catch up on sleep.

This is supposed to be about day 1, not last week. Well, we’re not hoarding groceries like other people are, according to the news. We’re perfectly fine right now, with nothing happening to our family. We are living our lives normally, the way they should be lived. I really do miss school, and wish we could have it again, and that COVID-19 would just parish. I also wish that we could get more supplies and test kits to ensure that everyone gets tested, and can be treated. I feel like our government is making poor decisions. I mean, these are people’s LIVES on the line, they need to step-up their game. But, other than that, my only other worry now is schoolwork. The work today was pretty easy, but the first day is the hardest to get used to, but has the easiest work, from my experience with school.

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