Distance Learning Day 1

I didn’t think this would happen but I’m actually starting to miss school. I’m trying my best to stay active while being stuck at home. I have been going on a lot of walks and trying to play sports outside with my dad. We have been playing basketball, football and soccer. He is 10000 times better than me at soccer though. I have also been working out a lot. Other than that I have been watching a lot of Netflix. I just finished the show On My Block and I’m in the middle of the show All American. I’m really sad I finished On My Black but All American is really good it might even be my new favorite show. I try to take a lot of breaks from my phone during the day also. I put down my phone when I go outside and I have been trying my best to read a lot. 

I thought that doing everything online would be very confusing and hard but it has actually been very easy so far and I have been staying very focused. I actually like the online work because I am staying very focused. One bad thing about it is I can’t see my friends and I miss being in a classroom. I like how we can have our own schedules though. I love sleeping in and I love how I can wear pajamas all day.  After this I am going to go eat breakfast and read. I am going to start the book The Miracle Worker that you gave to us in school.

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4 thoughts on “Distance Learning Day 1

  1. I agree, I really miss school and I like how you are staying active through this time away from school.

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