Distance Learning Day 3

Today is our third day of distance learning and I’m starting to get in a routine. I really like distance learning, I like getting each class done then having free time for the rest of the day. Today I am going to bake something with my mom. We don’t know what we want to make yet but we were thinking maybe brownies, cookies, or carrot bread. My mom and I don’t normally bake but we enjoy doing it. It isn’t very nice out today so we’re going to do some indoor activities. Later, I may paint if I want to. I really like doing art even though I don’t think I’m the best at it.

I really wish this virus could go away even though most likely, that won’t happen anytime soon. I miss the summer. In the summer is normally when we travel since we can’t go anywhere during April break because my brothers have their volleyball season. But now we really can’t go anywhere during April break, if we end up having one. 

 Last Summer I went to Georgia for the first time with my family and I absolutely loved it there. It was hot but it was fine. Before we went to Georgia, we went to my grandmother’s condo in Florida where we met up with my cousins and we stayed there for a few days. There is a private beach for the community where she lives. It’s really nice there and the waves aren’t too crazy so you don’t have to worry about being knocked over.

This summer I’m supposed to go to Newport with my cousins and my aunt and uncle for a couple of days, if that still ends up happening, that will be my first time in Newport. I’ve seen many pictures of Newport and it looks so pretty and looks like it is so much fun. I really like going into tiny little Mom and Pop stores and walking around town, so if it still ends up happening I cannot wait.

Some Summer activities I do is, ride my bike, go to Jennings Beach in Fairfield, go to my cousin’s pool in North Haven, travel to new places or to see family, wakeboarding in Lake George or Candlewood Lake, which I’ve gotten pretty good at through the years, make thread bracelets, play volleyball with my older brothers, go for walks, hang out with friends and so many other activities.

Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons. I really hope Coronavirus is gone before this summer so I can have fun and do all of those things again.  


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