Distance Learning Day 3

I would like to step away from current events and I am going to write about my dog.

Let’s start from the beginning. My dog’s name is cheesy. Cheesy was his name from the pound before we rescued him and after we rescued him, we could never find a name that suited him so we just kept the name. Cheesy was supposed to be a mother’s day present for my mom but he turned out to become a present for the whole family. We are not sure exactly what breed he is but we believe that he is a Korean Jindo. My dog has blonde fur and a curly, white tail. My dog loves to be scratched and pet. If you start to pet him on his back, he starts to make this really weird face. My dog loves to sleep on the foot of my bed when I go to sleep but he usually leaves me soon after since I kick in my sleep. Finally, my dog loves to stake out at the dinner table when we eat for the rare chance that someone would drop a piece of food. And if that does happen, my dog won’t miss the opportunity and will quickly lunge to scoop up the piece of food. Also, My dog loves to go on walks. If someone in my family says the world walk, my dog will sprint over to the person and jump on them, grateful that he is going to get to go on a walk. Sometimes, my family has to spell the word so my dog won’t pounce up on us. My dog loves to do anything as long as it has something to do with my family.

All in all, My dog is a great pet and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

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2 thoughts on “Distance Learning Day 3

  1. I like how you decided to write about something other than your daily routine and/or the Coronavirus pandemic.

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