Distance Learning Day 4

If I could pick anywhere in the world to go to and if it was the only place I could travel with the exception of the fact that it can be a cruise. I would pick St. John in the US Virgin Islands and then go to Hawaii and then to Alaska. Then it would be off to Greenland and Iceland and then to the Uk and then to France. But then I would want to travel more…. 

And if given the option to travel more I will go to New Zealand and China and all of the countries near Australia. 

But, Why would I want to travel all over, Well of course to travel for fun but to see more of the world then I have. But I still have three more continents to go to. 




Oh and then I would have to see the Aurora Borealis(The northern lights.)

But I could only take one person with me and that would be Sydney. 

Oh all the places we would see together. 

In Africa, I would see Dubai. 

And South Africa. 

And In Asia.. 



Not North and South Korea. 

Yes to Russia. 

And then I would get a pair of skis and then I would ski wherever we could. 

Doing Glades and jumps and other wild and fun things. 

But the one place I would truly want to go to if it was my wish it would be… 

Well I don’t know… 

I don’t think I can just pick one place to travel to. 

If given the option where would you travel to? 

Think about it.  

I would love to go snorkeling and scuba diving.. 

And go swim with sharks… 

And go hike… 

And go swim.. 

And go skydiving and bungee jumping off of a clip. 

I can’t wait till we can travel again. 

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