distance learning day 5

Hello Mr.Jockers.  Happy friday. How are you today?  It looks like it is going to be another beautiful day outside.  I went outside a lot yesterday and played a lot of basketball in my driveway.  My coach for basketball sent me instructions for an optional 30 minute workout.  Obviously I wanted to do it becuase I wanted to get better. So I did it, which included 100 push ups.  I am so sore from the workout that it hurts my arms to try and write this little paragraph. After I did that I had to take a shower, because I smelled really bad.  And then I just chilled for the rest of the day, played some video games and talked to my friends. We still have not gotten the results from the test for the coronavirus from my grandma, so I am still crossing my fingers to hope that she doesn’t get it.  I also found out that I won’t be able to see my mom over this quarantine, because I found out that police are giving out tickes to people who are driving not to either get groceris or medicine, so that makes me pretty sad. I still really like distance learning.  I think that my editorial is going to be really good, and every class is pretty easy, like today, I dont even have any spanish work to do because she didn’t post it, so that makes me happy. Alright, my 15 minutes are up, so have a great day, and I will see you tommorow.


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7 thoughts on “distance learning day 5

  1. Hey Jaxon,
    I hope your grandmother is doing okay. Please give an update. And, going forward, with these daily journal entries, you don’t need to write to me. If it helps, that’s fine, but you can leave me out of the published posts. A hundred push-ups, huh? That’s pretty darn good; I hope they were all good ones; no cheating, right?
    Mr. Jockers

  2. I hope your grandma is okay. I am also very impressed by 100 push-ups. I’m glad you are liking Distanced Learning.

  3. Hope your grandma is ok. I think it is good that you are getting excircise during this quarintine.

  4. I hope your grandma is doing well. I agree, distance learning isn’t the worst and I like how you are doing fitness activities to stay fit and get better at basketball while being stuck at home.

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