Distance learning day 5

Day 4 I have been getting a lot more work for school, which is good because it means that we have some access to our education while being on this long break and we can finally get back to normal. I woke up at around 8:40 again and went downstairs before taking a shower. I decided that today I will try to finish my school work and then take a shower and see how I like it. I liked it because I finished school work earlier than I would have before and since i’m really slow and tired in the morning I usually take a long time in the shower because i need more time to wake up, but by walking downstairs and getting to work, it kinda wakes me up which is good because I am finished with everything I need to do by like 11-12. After my shower it was lunch so i made some gourmet meal of chicken nuggets and had lunch. After lunch I watched some Netflix again and relaxed for about an hour-2. After relaxing for a bit I went outside with my brother to throw the frisbee again. My dog was outside and started eating grass so I knew something was up. Dogs only eat grass when their stomach is not feeling good so they can try and throw up, and that’s exactly what she did. I knew she was going to so I wasnt surprise and she was fine after because she was running around and sitting and was acting fine. I went to grab my dad because he knows how to take care of a sick dog because he had 3 growing up and he said that it was really weird because the throwup was all grass. Me and my brother went back to playing frisbee until it started raining and we went in to have dinner.


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