Distance Learning Journal Post 1 (Day 3)

Note: I know this is a controversial topic, with most people (as far as I know) supporting the other side of this topic. Please only post constructive feedback or logical arguments against my reasoning. And yes, I do, for the most part, support the side I’m presenting.

Ok, yesterday feels like a complete failure. So instead, I’m going to try to make a mini-argument about the coronavirus and politics. Many people are slamming President Trump (need to come back to the fact that very few people seem to call him President Trump) over his late response to the coronavirus. I’m not saying he wasn’t late, he was, however, he didn’t sit around twiddling his thumbs. Fairly early on, on January 31st, when there were roughly only 11,000 cases, President Trump put travel restrictions on China, making a mandatory 14-day (the high end of the incubation period length) quarantine on every coming from there. Since then, the travel restrictions have grown from that to include Europe and Iran and closing the US land borders with Canada and Mexico. He did quite a bit, the problem is that everyone is sacking him anyways because they all dislike him. He also posted on Twitter that the testing was “uncomfortable”. Some people quickly responded by comparing this to delivering a baby. When did he ever compare it to that? He just said it was uncomfortable! Getting a finger prick at the doctor’s office is uncomfortable, do people ever compare that to labor? Give him a break. Recently, he has helped the US a ton by okaying states of emergencies, the Defense Production Act, asking the private sectors to start producing medical materials, reforming the vaccine and cure approval processes, and okaying a $2 trillion dollar economic stimulus deal. He also is getting slammed for saying that he “hopes the country can be reopened by Easter”. Doesn’t everyone? So why is he getting slammed for it? What is wrong with a government official telling people what his hopes are? He has gathered a large group of experts from around the country to work on this, is cooperating with other countries around the globe, and already has a lot on his plate. He just escaped from being impeached, everyone is trying to attack him, he can’t do anything without being criticized, and COVID-19 is not the only problem he has to manage in the third-largest country (both sq. milage and population). Now, let’s look at what else President Trump has done. The US economy was soaring before the coronavirus, he was actually addressing the immigrant problem instead of ignoring it, he has had peace talks with both the Taliban and North Korea, (No president has ever gotten anywhere near that close, in fact, we had a peace deal with the Taliban before they broke it a day later, and North Korea agreed to have a peace treaty with South Korea and its allies by 2018, though I don’t see any evidence that they actually made one.) we have pulled out of multiple economic restrictions, and are overall finally getting back into the “defender of democracy” that the US once was in actions and capabilities, not just names. We called ourselves a lot, but just because you call yourself something doesn’t mean that you are it.

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